ASMR | Very Close Up Unintelligible WhispersGibi ASMR
7 hours ago
Loop this video as long as you'd like! Thanks for putting a mini tutorial in there Vest ^_^ Basically, if you're on PC, just right click ...
 Lo-Fi ASMR | Showing You My Wig CollectionGibi ASMR
2 days ago
After I had filmed this I instantly found like 5 more wigs that I didn't put in the video smh. Welcome back to a new video, shot on my ...
 ASMR | Welcome to Daisy's BunkerGibi ASMR
5 days ago
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 ASMR | Binaural Layered Twin Triggers for Ultimate TingliesGibi ASMR
12 days ago
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 ASMR | Slow & Calm Triggers for SleepGibi ASMR
1 years ago
Listen I know I'm an ASMR channel but even this was calm and gentle for me!! I hope you enjoy :) Timestamps! 0:00 - Intro 1:10 ...
 ASMR Orbital Medical Exam | HDGibi ASMR
1 months ago
Hey y'all! I found a professional Orbital Exam on YouTube the other day and it was SO relaxing I absolutely had to make an ...
 ASMR | Whispered Relaxing Haircut & Style | 60fpsGibi ASMR
1 years ago
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 [ASMR] Deep Ear Attention (Close-Up Whispers)Gibi ASMR
2 years ago
Helllooo everybody!! This microphone touching video is pretty intense in terms of the bass-y sounds that interacting with the foam ...
 Dark & Relaxing Hand Movements for Sleep | 60fps ASMRGibi ASMR
1 years ago
It's's's dark and relaxing hand movements! I get an adorable amount of requests for more of these -- ask and ...
 ASMR Very Important Measuring You for a Wax Figure | Personal AssistantGibi ASMR
1 months ago
You voted, I only slightly disagreed, TATYANA is here to stay! She's not Russian, she's VAGUE. Lol. So don't judge my accent ...
 ASMR Speed Dating: 100+ Channels Showcase!Gibi ASMR
9 days ago
AHHH Welcome to ASMR Speed Dating! AKA - I asked ASMRtists to give me 60 seconds of footage for them to introduce ...
 [ASMR] Dark & Relaxing Tapping & Scratching [Close Whispers]Gibi ASMR
2 years ago
Hey everybody (: I darkened this video footage a bit as a little test to make this tapping video a bit more sleep-inducing! Let me ...
 ASMR | ALL the Lid Sounds ✨ // Containers, Jars, Wood, PlasticGibi ASMR
14 days ago
 ASMR | Another Professional Worry RemovalGibi ASMR
1 months ago
Welcome back to the Professional Worry Removal clinic! Things have been pretty hectic lately, so come right on in. Sybil is ready ...
 Sleepytime ASMR for De-Stressing You | Whispering, Face Touching, New TriggersGibi ASMR
2 months ago
Let me de-stress you a bit! Come on in. It's been quite the week! I finally moved (yyyeah, again), but you'll be seeing a few videos ...
 Whispering The Entirety of Hamilton | ASMRGibi ASMR
7 days ago
This is questionable if not horrible ASMR but I did it and honestly I'm proud LMAOOO I wanted to do this because you can ...
 ASMR | Very Important Suit FittingGibi ASMR
7 months ago
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 [ASMR] Intense Ear Attention & Mouth Sounds (Tktktk, Clicking, Shooooop)Gibi ASMR
1 years ago
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 ASMR | Relaxing Spa Facial ♡Gibi ASMR
11 months ago
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 ASMR Asking You Every Question I Can Think OfGibi ASMR
1 months ago
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 ASMR | Men's Pampering Service | 60fpsGibi ASMR
1 years ago
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 Making Iconic TV & Movie Scenes ASMRGibi ASMR
10 days ago
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 ASMR | LED Keyboard Clicking, Typing, Touching & Brushing + Soft Speaking RambleGibi ASMR
a months ago
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 ASMR | Double Ear Mic Scratching and BrushingGibi ASMR
1 months ago
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 ASMR | More Deep Ear Attention For You ~Gibi ASMR
8 months ago
Tadaaaaaaa uwu ~ I've been hearing more asks for these types of triggers so I hope you enjoy!! I had to cut out a large chunk of ...
 ASMR | Using the Wrong Props to Treat YouGibi ASMR
9 months ago
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 ASMR Sleep & Relaxation Treatment ❤︎Gibi ASMR
2 years ago
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 ASMR | 9 Relaxing Tests on YouGibi ASMR
11 months ago
Attn: ASMR survey in this description!!! Hello everybody :) I think most of us agree that personal attention tests are some of THE ...
 Your Favorite Sleep Triggers | Close-Up Whispering, Brushing, Face TouchingGibi ASMR
7 months ago
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 ASMR | Real Hospital Exam for Relaxation / SleepGibi ASMR
4 months ago
We in a real hospital room!!! ....ok a real hospital room *film set*..... I rented this place for a night and it had a bunch of low budget ...
 ASMR The Sound of Music | Maria Sings You to SleepGibi ASMR
16 days ago
THE HIIIIILLS ARE ALIIIIIVE WITH A S M R --- Ahhh thank you so much to my sweet twitter follower who suggested this roleplay ...
 ASMR | School Nurse & Lice Check [60fps]Gibi ASMR
1 years ago
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 Asking You Insanely Personal Questions ASMRGibi ASMR
9 months ago
Does getting asked personal questions intrigue you or make you squirm?? Let's find out! This was inspired by my Interviewing ...
 ASMR Men's Pampering Face Shave & Side Buzz | WhisperedGibi ASMR
2 months ago
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 ASMR Pure Whispering & Reading Skincare LabelsGibi ASMR
23 days ago
Hello everyone!!!! So I got some requests to do JUST WHISPERING.No tapping, no extra triggers, nuthin. WHISPERS ONLY.
3 months ago
the struggs continue EDIT: A bunch of people are asking where the video from 0:35 is! It's actually one of my exclusive videos on ...
 ASMR | Clicky Typing & Whispering & Tapping | 60fpsGibi ASMR
7 months ago
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 ASMR | Chaotic & Supportive Friend Does Your MakeupGibi ASMR
3 months ago
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 [ASMR] International First Class Flight Attendant (Soft Spoken)Gibi ASMR
2 years ago
Hello everybody! Welcome to International Airlines, where you fly to exotic places, and get pampered doing it! Triggers include ...
 ASMR | My Husband Picks My ASMR TriggersGibi ASMR
19 days ago
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 ASMR | Experimenting on You | Attack on Titan [Hange Zoë]Gibi ASMR
1 years ago
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 [ASMR] Dr. Gibi Walk-in Clinic Medical Appointment (Whispered)Gibi ASMR
1 years ago
I believe we're overdue for an ASMR doctor's appointment! Good thing you came in right away. I'll get you all fixed up. Sleep well ...
 ASMR Daisy is Your Therapist (Good Luck)Gibi ASMR
2 months ago
Daisy, the first thing you do when you get out of jail is be an illegal therapis- ok. you know what, I don't have any words to describe ...
 ASMR | Professional Worry RemovalGibi ASMR
10 months ago
Destress and let your worries melt away -- literally! At the Worry Removal Clinic. We have all of the latest technology to get you ...
 4K HD ASMR | Plucking Away AnxietiesGibi ASMR
1 years ago
I THINK this is my last poopy auto-focus video, and I fix it a few minutes into the video! So if it bothers you terribly, just bump a few ...
 Gibi ASMR en Español [ENG Subtitles]Gibi ASMR
1 years ago
Hola mis amigos ~ today we have a Spanish video!!!! My goodness these are hilariously embarrassing. A huge thank you to our ...
 ASMR Echoed Mouth Sounds (Shoop, Scoop, Pop, Tick Tock, O'Clock etc.)Gibi ASMR
21 days ago
Helllllo there! Not a common video from me :o But I hope you enjoy it!! Lots of "mouth sounds" -- not sure what to call these but it's ...
 ASMR Inner Sound Cleansing For Deep RelaxationGibi ASMR
1 months ago
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 Ben (My Husband) Does ASMRGibi ASMR
5 months ago
Another charity milestone!!!! Ben does ASMR! I'm loling. He wouldn't stop looking at me for affirmation. He did great!!! And the title ...
 ASMR | Gently Putting You to Sleep | Mic Touching & Whispers 60fpsGibi ASMR
1 years ago
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 ASMR | Layered Sounds for Relaxation & SleepGibi ASMR
1 years ago
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 ASMR | Making You a Brand New FaceGibi ASMR
7 months ago
Heyoooo!! This video is inspired by an old video I did, which was directly copied from a video by ASMR Darling! Check out her ...
 ASMR | 3D Squishy Blobs | WhisperingGibi ASMR
2 months ago
This video is not sponsored, I bought this myself after seeing it on Twitter! But I of course want to give credit to the artist who made ...
 ASMR | Intense & Relaxing Mouth Sounds | Close Up Ear AttentionGibi ASMR
1 years ago
Oh boy!!! Very off brand for me!!!! I hope you enjoy :') Am I even doing it right??? Sorry for the late upload! ;-; this week is definitely ...
 ASMR | Whispered Relaxing Haircut & Style | 60fpsGibi ASMR
1 years ago
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 The ASMR Sleep Clinic | Tingle ExperimentGibi ASMR
1 years ago
Hello everybody :) Welcome back to the sleep clinic! Let's test some triggers on you today and see what works for you. (10 points ...
 ASMR | Repairing Your Robot Arm | The Girl in the Woods [Crypt TV]Gibi ASMR
26 days ago
Hi y'all! Today you are CARRIE, the protagonist in @Crypt TV 's The Girl in the Woods! Be advised while *this* ASMR video is ...
 ASMR | WORST Reviewed Make-Up SalonGibi ASMR
10 months ago
Inspired by the many Worst/One Star Reviewed makeup / nail salon / etc videos that were then made into many ASMR ...
 E-Girl Transforms You ASMRGibi ASMR
2 months ago
Let the queen e-girl, nay, e-woman, take you under her expansive wing and give you the transformation you deserve!
 ASMR | Testing Your Hearing | 👂✨ Ear ExamGibi ASMR
3 months ago
Lemme get a look at your ears and do some tests! It'll be easy, I promise! :D I'm on Spotify!
 ASMR SUOMI || Isosisko meikkaa sut roleplayKiwibird ASMR
Moikka lintuset! Niin monin teistä toivoi uutta meikki roleplaytä niin tässä se on :) Tässä versiossa sun yliutelias isosisko sai tietää ...
 ASMR Doing Your Nails | 💅Relaxing ManicureGibi ASMR
2 months ago
Ooooh boy my nails have been looking some type of way in quarantine ajdskfjas;fdka So lets do your nails and get you all ...