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 Ultimate Hair Metal Playlist | Best of Glam/Hair Metal/'80s RockThe Classic Heavy Metal Vault
1 years ago
Ultimate Hair Metal Playlist - Best of Glam/Hair Metal/'80s Rock featuring Dokken, Ratt, Motley Crue, Warrant and loads more!
 Plants Vs Zombies 2 Music - Neon Mixtape Tour - Hair Metal Gargantuar (Metal) Theme Extended ☿ HD ☿AlbirdVampPrince
4 years ago
Composer: Peter McConnell Company: EA / PopCap Download Game in iTunes:
 How Grunge Ended Hair MetalLoudwire
6 months ago
Hair metal dominated rock in the 1980s until grunge came swooping in. Hear how #Nirvana, #Soundgarden, #AliceInChains and ...
 Greatest Hits Of Glam Rockl - Metal 80's, ClASSICROCK MIX 80's [REMASTERED 2019 HQ] #3xXRoberto GarcíaXx
10 months ago
 1988 Hair Metal best power balladsHairmetalmusic Rose
7 months ago
The best hair metal power ballads of 1988. If you love hair metal music, check out our book: Soundtrack of Our Youth - History of ...
 Hard Rock-Glam Metal Playlist 2hittman86
3 years ago
1)Stone Fury-Break Down The Walls 2)Loudness-Crazy Nights 3)Steelheart-Can't Stop Me Lovin' you 4)Tyketto-Strength In ...
 Cinderella - Nobody's Fool (Official Video)CinderellaVEVO
10 years ago
Music video by Cinderella performing Nobody's Fool. (C) 1986 The Island Def Jam Music Group #Cinderella #NobodysFool ...
 Underrated Hair Metal and Rock Power BalladsHairmetalmusic Rose
1 years ago
The Most Underrated Hair Metal and Rock Power Ballads of all time from the 80s and 90s biggest rock bands. Check out all our ...
 Best Hair Metal Guitar SolosMark Ashcraft
7 years ago
Best Hair Metal Guitar Solos (No Copywrite intended) This is some of my fav guitar solos (Not all of them, and prob forgot some ...
 Top 20 “80s Hair Metal/Glam Rock” Guitar RiffsGuitarist6494
2 years ago
Want to learn how to play guitar? Guitar Tricks has over 11000 videos!
 The Best Of Hard Rock, Glam Hair Metal Vol. 10Aldo Millo
2 years ago
The Best Of Hard Rock, Glam Hair Metal Vol. 10 *Subscribe or not, like or dislike i don't care* #Playlist Pretty Maids - Future World ...
 10 Greatest Hair Metal BandsLoudwire
2 years ago
If you're new, Subscribe! → Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Hair Metal Bands! Go here ...
 2001 Documentary on 80s MetalJPMcFlyFeelsTheBern
9 months ago
(Just interviews, music edited out.) Interesting profile featuring interview clips with Dee Snider, Rob Halford, Phil Collen, CC ...
 Best Hair Metal Bands 2Mark Ashcraft
7 years ago
This is the some of the best 80s hair metal bands ;) (Not in any order) (no copywrite intended) Note: Some bands might not be ...
 80s Metal Bands A to Z : Full Version - Heavy Metal Bands from the 1980sThe Great 80s
8 years ago
Song List w/ Full Videos: -- Ultimate Monster Ballads: -- Video Description: Heavy Metal ...
 The best of hair metal (part I)vasoulitsa
11 years ago
A collecton of glammorous bands of the 80s and their most popular songs.Some of the hottest glammers are included...Sebastian ...
 Best Modern Hair BandsMark Ashcraft
7 years ago
This is the Best Modern Hair Bands ;) (Not in any order) (no copywrite intended) Note: Some bands might not be totally Hair Metal ...
 Why Hair Metal Got Pounded (and deserved it).ROOKTABULA
10 years ago
This is a great clip about how hair metal cheesed out and whored to the label weasels for the almighty $$. Just as happened next ...
 Top 20 Glam Rock / Hair Metal riffsKarl Golden
1 years ago
Support me on PATREON: Backing Tracks & Tabs: Join the Golden ...
 My top 30 Glam Metal songsAggie Glammer
7 years ago
This is my top 30 Glam Metal songs, it is only my opinion, so I'm not gonna change it. Enjoy it! (: Glad if you like it.
 Best Hair Metal SingersMark Ashcraft
6 years ago
This is the some of the best hair metal Singers ;) (Not in any order) (no copywrite intended) Note: Some bands might not be totally ...
 #162 11 year old reacts to Hair Metal and I react to Pop Music. REACTION VIDEO!Troy Shaw
10 months ago
While driving down the road, Ava and I take turns reacting to music.
 When Metal Ruled The World 80's LA Sunset Strip StoryGibsonGuitarist
5 years ago
The story of the 80's Sunset Strip glam metal bands' rise and fall. Told by the band members themselves. Certain areas of the ...
 Tech 21 Fly Rig 5: Hair MetalTech21nyc
5 years ago
Rough cut tutorial focusing on metal sounds and how the Plexi section interacts with the SansAmp section. To see the Fly Rig 5 ...
 Nikki Sixx Calls for the End of Hair Metal, 1989Mick Funz
7 months ago
Video by Mick Funz, 2019 The Sleaze Patrol Files Blog
 Hard Rock 80s Glam Metal Guitar Backing Track D Minor JamNick Neblo
11 months ago
Glam hair heavy metal instrumental backtrack for musicians, guitarists, singers to play along, have fun, improvise solos, practice ...