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 Ultimate Hair Metal Playlist | Best of Glam/Hair Metal/'80s RockThe Classic Heavy Metal Vault
1 years ago
Ultimate Hair Metal Playlist - Best of Glam/Hair Metal/'80s Rock featuring Dokken, Ratt, Motley Crue, Warrant and loads more!
 10 Greatest Hair Metal BandsLoudwire
3 years ago
If you're new, Subscribe! → Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Hair Metal Bands! Go here ...
 How Did We Let Hair Metal Happen?Loudwire
4 months ago
in Ep. 5 of #50YearsOfHeavyMetal, Joe DiVita investigates how we ever let #HairMetal happen. Featuring #DeeSnider of ...
 How Grunge Ended Hair MetalLoudwire
1 years ago
Hair metal dominated rock in the 1980s until grunge came swooping in. Hear how #Nirvana, #Soundgarden, #AliceInChains and ...
 Top 20 “80s Hair Metal/Glam Rock” Guitar RiffsGuitarist6494
3 years ago
Want to learn how to play guitar? Guitar Tricks has over 11000 videos!
 Who Really Invented Heavy Metal?Loudwire
5 months ago
In Ep. 1 of Loudwire's "50 Years of Heavy Metal" series, members of #BlackSabbath, #Opeth, #AliceInChains, ...
 The Truth About Satanism in MetalLoudwire
4 months ago
Put down the panic. Graham Hartmann (@grahamwire) delivers the truth about Satanism in metal. If you're new, Subscribe!
 Top 10 Decade Defining Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Songs:
5 years ago
Let's step it up a decade and move onto the '80s, when the heavier genres began to conquer the music world! Join http://www.
 RATT - Round And Round (Official Music Video)RHINO
9 years ago
You're watching the official music video for RATT - "Round And Round" from the album 'Out Of The Cellar'. "Round And Round" is ...
 Why Hair Metal Got Pounded (and deserved it).ROOKTABULA
10 years ago
This is a great clip about how hair metal cheesed out and whored to the label weasels for the almighty $$. Just as happened next ...
 Best Hair Metal Guitar SolosMark Ashcraft
7 years ago
Best Hair Metal Guitar Solos (No Copywrite intended) This is some of my fav guitar solos (Not all of them, and prob forgot some ...
 What Else Killed Hair Metal?Loudwire
3 months ago
In Ep. 7 of "50 Years of Heavy Metal," Joe DiVita explores the idea there was more that killed #HairMetal than just #Grunge with ...
 Greatest Hits Of Glam Rockl - Metal 80's, ClASSICROCK MIX 80's [REMASTERED 2019 HQ] #3xXRoberto GarcíaXx
1 years ago
 Top 10 Hair Metal Guitar SolosNerdBerry
9 years ago
My favorite guitar solos from some of my favorite hair metal bands of the 80's! Too bad music isn't the same...
 Poison - Talk Dirty To Me (Official Video)poisonVEVO
11 years ago
Music video by Poison performing Talk Dirty To Me (2001 Digital Remaster). #Poison #TalkDirtyToMe #Vevo.
 Cinderella - Nobody's Fool (Official Video)CinderellaVEVO
10 years ago
Music video by Cinderella performing Nobody's Fool. (C) 1986 The Island Def Jam Music Group #Cinderella #NobodysFool ...
 My top 30 Glam Metal songsAggie Glammer
8 years ago
This is my top 30 Glam Metal songs, it is only my opinion, so I'm not gonna change it. Enjoy it! (: Glad if you like it.
 Underrated Hair Metal and Rock Power BalladsHairmetalmusic Rose
1 years ago
The Most Underrated Hair Metal and Rock Power Ballads of all time from the 80s and 90s biggest rock bands. Check out all our ...
 When Metal Ruled The World 80's LA Sunset Strip StoryGibsonGuitarist
5 years ago
The story of the 80's Sunset Strip glam metal bands' rise and fall. Told by the band members themselves. Certain areas of the ...
 BEST 80s Hair Bands - A drum medley (age 13)Avery Drummer Molek
2 months ago
Big hair, makeup, great music and groupies. Who doesn't love 80s rock? 0:00 Poison - Nothin But a Good Time 0:45 Winger ...
 Best Hair Metal SingersMark Ashcraft
7 years ago
This is the some of the best hair metal Singers ;) (Not in any order) (no copywrite intended) Note: Some bands might not be totally ...
 Guess the song | 80s Hair Metal BandsMadmartigan's Music Trivia
5 days ago
80s Hair metal bands! Name that tune from the best glam rockers of the 80s. Test your music trivia skills by guessing the song title ...
 The Best Hair Metal, Power Ballads, and Rock Songs of the 80s - part oneSilvan Spektor
9 years ago
This list is not for the thrash heavy metal genre, so don't freak out if you don't see any Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, ...
 Hair Metal Giants - A Tribute To 80s RockHair Metal Giants
8 months ago
Hair Metal Giants are an Austin, Texas-based band who perform "A Tribute To 80s Rock", playing your favorite rock anthems and ...
 Hair/ Power/ Glam Metal CompilationSzerfuer
1 years ago
Classic bands, classic songs. The best of the best!
 my top 6 favorite 80's hair metal bandsKelsie LeCrone
11 years ago
THEY VIDEOS ARE NOT IN ORDER!!!! So I probably shouldn't have put numbers. :/ I'm going to be uploading another one soon...
 50 Hair Metal Guitar Riffs, 1980'sLuna rock guitar
7 months ago
I divided a 100 greatest 1980's Hair Metal Guitar Riffs' video into two parts, this is part two. I'm playing through a JCM 900.
 Sentry - Shattered Lives (Glam Hair Metal Christian Demo)Matthew Hunt
5 months ago
Get rare Christian rock and metal at Sentry Breakin' Free 1988 (no label) Poughkeepsie, New York, ...
 5 great bands from the 80's, wrongly labeled "Hair Metal"Sonically Disruptive
4 months ago
So here are 5 great bands from the dreaded hair metal era that are fantastic. Put your preconceived notions aside and check them ...
2 years ago
10 great hair metal albums on cassette.
 Glam Metal Vs Thrash Metal (round 1)Leather Rebel
11 years ago Listen to the songs, you might learn something new and expand your ...
 Fender's NEW Heavy Metal Strat - A Hair Metal Machine for the 2020s! (ft. Ethan Brosh)Guitar MAX
4 months ago
After years of lurking in the shadows of the 1980s, Fender's HM Strat has made a roaring comeback! With some unique features, ...
 TUFF "American Hair Band" - 80s Metalnetjonze
13 years ago
music from Tuff I made the video from different metal bands of the 80's.
 How To Be A Glam Metal VocalistJhofffilms
6 years ago
Karpizzle, lead seducer of Stryped Cheetah teaches you how to be a proper glam metal vocalist and how to get that sweet pussay.
 Pantera How Phil Anselmo Destroyed The Band's Glam Metal PastRock N' Roll True Stories
1 years ago
For the latest Guns N' Roses latest news check out our blog: Check Out My Other YouTube Channel All ...