Tiger Woods Winning Interview

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  • Published on:  4/14/2019
  • Tiger Woods addresses the press after winning his fifth Masters.


  • sirbrad4 (4 days ago)

    The Tiger roars are e back! Even Tiger himself roared lol.

  • tawan c (3 days ago)

    Tiger vs. Lion in the next match lol

  • Banana Man (3 days ago)

    sirbrad4 I’m sure he as sprayed some hair on coz he never had that much hair when he took his hat off at the end

  • Craig Byerly (4 days ago)

    So happy for Tiger. What a great weekend of golf. The Masters of 2019 will go down as one of the greatest of Tiger's 15 majors.

  • My Dog Has Three Legs (4 days ago)

    Tiger won the Masters and LeBron missed the playoffs. What year is it?

  • Noscents (2 days ago)

    Shawn Sanders Arguably the best player to touch a basketball is what Lebron is if we’re talking championships bill Russell is the goat

  • Shawn Sanders (3 days ago)

    +tawan c Tom is the best player at what he does with 9 AFC championships and 6 Superbowl victories. Lebron is arguably the 2nd best player at what he does with 3 titles. Tiger Woods face of Golf. Lebron James "current" face of basketball. Tom Brady face of Football.

  • jnormanton (4 days ago)

    What is so amazing about Tiger's win is right now those in their 20's are the very best 20-year-olds to have ever played the game and Tiger beat them all.

  • Dawei Zhao (2 days ago)

    +jnormanton Well the advantage of youth is the stamina, no children, more time to practice, etc, etc. But the actual way Tiger played today at the Masters (not another course), it seems like experience really helped. They were not allowed to bring a trackman or any technology when reading the greens at the Masters, this places those with experience at a huge advantage, particularly where to miss the ball, and how to read the greens. Then it's just about playing consistently, which is, in golf, m...

  • jnormanton (2 days ago)

    +Dawei ZhaoZhao how come Tiger was at his best when he was in his 20s? He won 4 majors in a row when he was in his 20s, youth is an advantage in every sport.

  • Glenn Carlson (4 days ago)

    Talk about overcoming "ALL OBSTACLES".. An inspiration to the human spirit. Congratulations Tiger !

  • Dennis Gump (4 days ago)

    When he sank that putt, I cried like a baby. The Masters will always be my dad and me rooting for Tiger. It's been a long strange trip, but welcome back Tiger!

  • bcp5296d (3 days ago)

    same all the way my fiend.

  • Eugene Louis (3 days ago)

    +Juliana B. if Tiger could take that back he would if not for his chidren... But he has done what truly great men or women do after mistakes...Dust yourself off love and raise his children and do his best to be the best golfer in the world...For his effortsvtobturn his life around I salute him....

  • Therese Mack (4 days ago)

    Congratulations Tiger.Great to see your kids and your mom.

  • HighCurrent11 (4 days ago)

    ....for the number of Tiger's surgeon dial 1-800-you-cant afford him!

  • Those Who Wander (9 hours ago)

    Liar. I called 1-800-you-cant and it was way too expensive

  • Jakedegaye (3 days ago)

    When Tiger walked onto the 18th,I stood up and clapped alone in my Living room..😭😭😭😭Tiger Tiger!!

  • Merked Shotz (3 days ago)

    Such a changed man, what a great golfer, father, everything. He will always be a champion.