Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

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  • Published on:  9/13/2018
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  • Fernon Grow
    Fernon Grow a minute ago

    Jenna, mountains on your picture are very cool and realistic! You're really good in painting! Just keep going! And Happy Birthday!!! (I'm from Russia)

  • Feechka Piggie
    Feechka Piggie 3 minutes ago

    Wooow! It's wonderful!

  • criminal banana
    criminal banana 4 minutes ago

    You’re done, it’s all cool 💕

  • boomer8659
    boomer8659 7 minutes ago

    Lol I went ahead and wore a shirt prestaind with toothpaste.

  • Lindsey Nalley
    Lindsey Nalley 11 minutes ago

    You actually did a great job! Please do this again

  • NeeM
    NeeM 12 minutes ago

    it's soo beatiful.... you awesome! and Happy Birthday!

  • Lilly BFMV94
    Lilly BFMV94 14 minutes ago

    You actually did pretty good!

  • neon tyan
    neon tyan 16 minutes ago

    happy birthday :з

  • Lilly
    Lilly 17 minutes ago

    Wow bob Ross got hot

  • mike mike
    mike mike 22 minutes ago

    i think, it is amazing!!!

  • catherine english
    catherine english 29 minutes ago

    Omg girl this vid is amazing, I just love ur very vocal "Art Fear" it's great. I've actually paused the vid at 9:19 just to post this comment, I will say at this point though ur painting is looking really good n believe me it's a ton better than anything I could ever produce. I'm really enjoying ur commentary too, it's all good so no more "Art Fear" just go for it n go BIG! xc

  • T Cheney
    T Cheney 30 minutes ago

    Working on stretched canvas with quality brushes makes a huge difference.

  • The Bob Ross Challenge
    The Bob Ross Challenge 32 minutes ago

    Wonderful Painting Jenna! Hope you had a Happy Little Birthday! Maybe you'd want to do it again on our show?

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez 34 minutes ago

    1st you did pretty well. 2nd I laughed so hard at this video. Lol congrats.

  • solid snake
    solid snake 35 minutes ago

    9:10 Nice Seinfeld impression.

  • J H & X
    J H & X 46 minutes ago

    Please do another one like this it was so funny. X

  • Kenan Icer
    Kenan Icer 48 minutes ago

    I love this video. As she said Bob holds such a nostalgic and peaceful place in people's hearts and she channelled that perfectly with her work and humour. Love you Jenna

  • Lisette Geurts
    Lisette Geurts 51 minutes ago

    Love it! I can’t do that!🙈

  • Toxic Dreams
    Toxic Dreams 55 minutes ago

    i wuv it

  • singersneversleep !
    singersneversleep ! 55 minutes ago

    Why did that actually turned out really nice