Không Có Gì Là Không Thể #1 - Nothing is Impossible



  • Son Diệu 6 months ago

    Vãi chưởng😂😂😂😊😊😍

  • Minaj Nickie 1 months ago


  • Saint Goha 6 months ago

    Достала реклама😡

  • vgbj wljk 5 months ago

    @TetriX TheCommentatorноу заебала!

  • stas cara 6 months ago

    7:32 и подумаешь при чём смесь Украина

  • @Николай Николаев у тебя!

  • Притом,что она в глубокой заднице.

  • フ 松本ジェ 4 months ago

    Legal que tem vídeo de brasileiro nele kkkkk 😂😂😂😂✔

  • Estou muito satisfeito por isso

  • Sergio Korochinsky 6 months ago

    9:47 ...I love it!

  • Gleisy Perez Cuellar 5 months ago

    @KHÁM PHÁ THẾ GIỚI 44'+/+=+48/:-P<3<3(-::-/:3;-):O:-[🇬🇳

  • Hell Billy 6 months ago

    haha dude... i was JUST scrollin down to the comments to say 9:47 is the MOST satisfying thing ive seen on youtube in AWHILE hahaha and i seen you beat me too it... LOL(edit) could you imagine how it would be if they could do that to the front wheel instead though?? LOL the locked wheel would forcefully make it do donuts because it would make the tires turn toward the side thats locked up... (assuming the tire didn't snap off) haha

  • MrDirtdart 6 months ago

    Was there more video after the pink yoga pants???

  • طاح حض الزلم الي انت منهة 😂😂😂😂😂متت من الضحك طب ايريد ايطلعهة🐱 هية طلعتة 😂😂😂 11.18

  • @KHÁM PHÁ THẾ GIỚI I'm an Arab Sorry I do not speak Engels Translate from Google

  • I don't understand

  • patrick dean 6 months ago

    Ken block seems to make it in alot of these videos

  • Roberto Novais 6 months ago

    Coitado do gato, o moleque prensou ele na porta

  • douglas 1977 5 months ago


  • Whatsss

  • Marcelo s.c 6 months ago

    11:11 é no brasil....

  • jesuslikedpie 5 months ago

    @TimeForMusic are you retarded?

  • TimeForMusic 5 months ago

    A gente sempre representando kkk