The Unbelievable Gaming Laptop - Alienware Area 51M Review

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  • Published on:  4/4/2019
  • Get iFixit's Marlin Screwdriver Set today for only $24.99 USD at code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at paper the Alienware Area 51m should be a completely capable desktop replacement, but how does it stack up in the real world?Buy the Alienware Area 51mOn Amazon: Newegg: on the forum: Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: Private Internet Access today at metal posters: Tech Tips merchandise at Linus Tech Tips posters at Test Benches on Amazon: Our production gear: - - - - Intro Screen Music Credit:Title: Laszlo - SupernovaVideo Link: Download Link: Link: Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High


  • Thx And Bye 3 months ago

    You guys at LTT should mix up the hosts more often. It's really refreshing to have different hosts.

  • Primdarkness 12 days ago

    Someone help me i just want a pre built pc that can run 4k 60 and is good for vr

  • Sameer Apte 3 months ago


  • Blue Dragon Media 3 months ago

    $4,500??? No joke, you could buy a pretty decent gaming laptop, and build a kickass desktop for that!!

  • Justin Y 5 hours ago

    @Da Nii okay so build a kick ass desktop and buy a laptop with a rtx 2080 and be set for the next 5 years

  • Roman Chan 3 months ago

    Just commenting to show some support for Alex and Riley

  • So... It's a desktop shaped like a gigantic laptop?

  • Dude Sensitive Ass 2 months ago

    "Wet Dick"

  • Aspyrrr 3 months ago

    laptop themed desktop build

  • Hardish Parikh 2 days ago

    Please make a video of Alienware new m 17 of 2019

  • Thuazabi 3 months ago

    I actually really like the format of this video. Having multiple personalities on a video can actually be a bit refreshing if done like it was here (pros & cons, etc). That's not to say that every video should be like this, but I do you think it's something that should be explored.

  • Ruichen Ni 2 months ago

    Totally agree with you, and I really like the "bad ass'' ad at the end :)

  • Cazgem 3 months ago

    I agree. I think this allows two people to give very unique perspectives to properly showcase the best/worst of.

  • Bo Dirt 3 months ago

    Asus Zephyrus: I’m the fastest laptop ever!Alienware Area 51m: Hold my beer.

  • Ryan Cope 12 days ago

    @STF YVR hardly - ITS ALL BGA... aka TRASH

  • STF YVR 2 months ago

    the Asus Zephyrus is the better laptop. This is a mobile desktop that does not play in the same category.

  • EposVox 3 months ago

    "gives it that Synaptics drunken driver feel" LOL wowsavageB-roll at the start of this was phenomenalHost swap-up was a lot of fun.Great job, guys!

  • D_bel 3 months ago

    Big fan of yo5r work and observe tutorials, it has helped me alot in the past. Great videos man.

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    Dell/Alienware: *makes CPU in laptop socketed*Apple: *solders in CPU on desktops*

  • jackt 1 months ago

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  • NvrUseYur RealName 1 months ago

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  • jondaniels 3 months ago

    Me: "Yeah but who cares about laptops though"Video: "This laptop doesn't care about you.OK...

  • IcyFOX345 2 months ago

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