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  • Published on:  3/23/2018
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  • Ryan Trahan
    Ryan Trahan  a years ago+618

    I hope some of you send this to me
    Follow me on IG: @trahan

  • Theo Goff
    Theo Goff a years ago+1645

    I don’t want to alarm you but I think there is something going on in the background. Like so Trahan can see

  • Ryan Yerrow
    Ryan Yerrow a years ago+1356

    Currently in the hospital watching this from getting beat up so hard

  • Marcie Dunn
    Marcie Dunn a years ago+675

    Ah yes. The YouTube I remember. Art. Quality. What a masterpiece.

  • Sarah Hwang
    Sarah Hwang a years ago+710

    Did you send this to Emma Chamberlain?

  • Mara McCain
    Mara McCain a years ago+199

    That was alphabet soup. I sat here this whole time thinking you were eating cereal with dish water lol

  • brennan dettmann
    brennan dettmann a years ago+721

    Okay not gonna lie that was pretty good 😂😂

  • Avey Mattox
    Avey Mattox a years ago+348

    A guy sent me the vid but honestly sending me a video with hot guys in it kind of distracted me from him

  • Joe Castillo
    Joe Castillo a years ago+234

    Wow. I hope no soup was harmed in the making of this video.

  • z2 [g7]
    z2 [g7] a years ago+197

    The fake punches were incredible, I couldn't even tell they were fake

  • WarrenDoesThings
    WarrenDoesThings a years ago+76

    Yea I had no clue where this was going till the last second..

  • Theo Goff
    Theo Goff a years ago+241

    i could watch this all day every day

  • Tristan Simpson
    Tristan Simpson a years ago+43

    how do i send this to u

  • Jon Val
    Jon Val a years ago+112

    Sent this to my crush... She was not disappointed

  • Eric Chu
    Eric Chu a years ago+166

    This is the quality content I crave for

  • etherealdna
    etherealdna a years ago+90

    More importantly, you’re eating soup in a plastic container..?

  • Saneflix
    Saneflix a years ago+35

    This one is so good, why this doesn't have Million views like the others.

  • Ludmila Marešová
    Ludmila Marešová a years ago+28

    I thought you were eating cheerios in orange juice.

  • Peter Fernandez
    Peter Fernandez a years ago+102

    why did i send it, regrets were made

  • CarsonBM
    CarsonBM a years ago+31

    This is amazing.... I will propose with this video