The new US tax law, explained with cereal

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  • Published on:  1/12/2018
  • We're a few Crunch Berries short, friends.Subscribe to our channel! is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: Vox on Twitter: on Facebook:’s a new tax law in town. It passed without a single vote from Democrats in the House or the Senate, and it’s a huge windfall for the richest Americans, including President Donald Trump.But Republicans didn’t just want any new tax law, they wanted to reform the tax code. To give the richest Americans a big tax cut while still funding the government’s essential functions, like building roads and flying fighter jets, the GOP needed to find tax revenue somewhere else. To do that, they had to start taxing income that used to be tax-free, by closing loopholes and eliminating deductions. If all of that sounds boring and confusing, fear not. We’ve broken it down in this video. Just don’t blame us if it leaves you craving cereal.


  • Vox 1 years ago

    If you want more context, read this article from our website that goes into more detail on the tax bill:

  • Raid_Hybrid_ 29 days ago

    The US is already in debt

  • No one wants more of this garbage content Vox. If you don't know how the economy works, don't make videos about it.

  • voicedify 1 years ago

    Most depressing Minecraft let's play I've ever seen.

  • 😂😂😂

  • Jrendon13 1 years ago

    voicedify lol

  • Lactose_Cow 1 years ago

    i dont get how the cereal analogy is easier to understand than just saying moneyEDIT: why are people still arguing about this

  • BeeMiner 6 days ago

    ⚠️ DON’T scroll down into the reply thread. It’s not worth the brain cells... ⚠️

  • nunyo biznez 2 months ago

    Private funding without government is cheaper and more effective

  • dakkehdak 1 years ago

    This cereal analogy was way more confusing than it had to be. Just use actual money, people aren't complete idiots and know how money works.

  • Spike Spiegel 5 months ago

    I dunno where you live but I make all my purchases in cereal

  • Adam Dressler 6 months ago

    Well, we have to appeal to the hillbilly conservative for them to understand.

  • chu nation 5 months ago

    The cereal kinda made it more confusing, can we just say money

  • San Francisco 1 years ago

    I would have understood it better if they used Rat poison or maybe decomposed granite.

  • Leon Kuzmin 3 months ago

    I love decomposed granite for breakfast!

  • hmmm 6 months ago

    I think you would have preferred bullets.

  • Crypto Queen 1 years ago

    You mean they steal our cereal!? Silly government rabbits don't you know Trix are for kids!

  • MAI TQ 3 months ago

    Crypto Queen gave a thumbs up, but I would like to give this comment a 🙃 and ❤️

  • Dillydoe 1 years ago

    Good, the government is too fat to keep eating cereal.

  • Aiden Henrie 24 days ago

    @Angel I think it was a joke

  • Angel 1 months ago

    It doesn't work that way. The roads don't suddenly stop getting paved and neither do schools and hospitals suddenly shut down. Instead we end up paying for it. And even if that somehow did magically happen, we'd still end up paying for it in another way.

  • jared brown 7 months ago

    But according to the Congressional Budget Office the top 20% earn 51.3% of all income and pay 84% of the income tax

  • Der Fuchs an hour ago

    For anybody who is complaining that the cereal analogy is confusing. That's the point. It's easier to manipulate the facts this way