Jimmy Tests Saoirse Ronan's Bridesmaids Movie Trivia

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  • Published on:  12/4/2018
  • Saoirse Ronan talks about the piece she wrote for the Feminists Don't Wear Pink and Other Lies essay collection, tests how big of a Bridesmaids fan she really is by taking a trivia quiz and has her thoughts narrated by Jimmy.

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    Jimmy Tests Saoirse Ronan's Bridesmaids Movie Trivia



  • sam clark
    sam clark an hour ago

    Fk this apple add, fk them

  • Lia Freedman
    Lia Freedman 2 hours ago

    THRONIN at the deep end

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo 3 hours ago

    Her humor, her laugh, her accent. HER.

  • BushcraftingNL
    BushcraftingNL 3 hours ago

    Feminism. The new F word.

  • Lem-1 with an E
    Lem-1 with an E 5 hours ago

    I've been amazed by Saoirse Ronan ever since I saw her in HANNA in 2011 but daaayumn...she looks positively DiViNe!!! -And tha young lady's quite the character! -'Thoughts Improv' at the end?? Snap. That was great -Hat's off to Jimmy and Ronan!

  • jahseh ahokava
    jahseh ahokava 9 hours ago

    i love her from the day i watch lovely bones

    THE GAMER JACJHAN 15 hours ago

    Beatiful awwwwww

  • Tiff !
    Tiff ! 15 hours ago

    I kind answer these too lol

  • Dave C.
    Dave C.  18 hours ago

    The most beautiful woman on the planet right now

  • Jon Hoe
    Jon Hoe 20 hours ago

    Bridesmaid suckels on my cuck!!

  • Tania Sierra
    Tania Sierra 20 hours ago

    I've only seen Bridesmaids a handful of times and I knew all the answers... so...

  • supboii
    supboii yesterday

    she looks 35 xD

  • Pratik Panchal
    Pratik Panchal yesterday

    She’s so precious I want to cry 😭

  • Rainiel Fuentes
    Rainiel Fuentes yesterday


  • Tanya Brown
    Tanya Brown yesterday

    *I saw him*

  • Lauren Ablondi Olivo

    i'm like.............. in luv with her

  • Sean Domhnall O Sullivan

    she also said her best friend was the chick she brought to the awards show ??

  • Kristin Trisha Deetlefs


  • Christine Stallerud

    I could truly listen to Saoirse for hours LOVE her accent

  • Jamie Arleo
    Jamie Arleo 2 days ago

    I want her accent!!