benny blanco, Halsey & Khalid – Eastside (official video)

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  • Published on:  7/12/2018
  • "Eastside" out now:
    Directed by Jake Schreier

    Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
    Line Producer: Molly Gale
    DP: Bettina Ávila, Jac Fitzgerald,
    Color: Michael Rossiter / The Mill

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    #halsey #khalid #bennyblanco


  • Tommy (Feb 8, 2019)

    don't press read moreyour 2019 has been blessed like to activate

  • Elsie Balcom (4 hours ago)

    I love Ashly

  • Oliver Lebeau  (8 hours ago)

    my name is bob

  • TMA (4 days ago)

    *Benny just proves that unicorns exist.

  • TMA (7 hours ago)

    +Michaëlle Saint-Fleur-Saint-Cyr michaelle saint damn

  • TMA (7 hours ago)

    +Michaëlle Saint-Fleur-Saint-Cyr Jesus christ that name is beautiful

  • DarManny Productions (3 days ago)

    *2 minutes is NOT ENOUGH... continue the song and story and it will take us all somewhere new in life.*

  • Scott Lamar (2 hours ago)

    Just gonna say this.... If you look closely you'll see that its actually only six seconds from being three minutes long.

  • IVAN3000 (5 days ago)

    the high school clips are a deadly dose of nostalgia. The fact that it is empty amplifies it

  • arun kumar (1 day ago)

    Yep the nostalgia is so beautiful and painful at the same time!!!

  • uncertain gentleman (2 days ago)

    You're obsolutely right 🎪👍👍

  • Jeevan Tamang (20 hours ago)

    THE Song is such a boppp❤️love halsey's verse too much😊I have made an acoustic cover of this song and it would everything if yall could go and give it some love😊❤️

  • мαlιикα (Mar 12, 2019)

    Is it only me.. feeling, that this song/story have to be continued?

  • S T (1 hour ago)

    I need Khalid's story and where is lily??

  • Bianca Houdek (15 hours ago)


  • Sweet Lemon (Mar 4, 2019)

    “Benny loves food” *Same Benny, same*(Thanks, this is da most likes I’ve ever gotten

  • Bianca Houdek (15 hours ago)

    piaiscool Hi Benny, I’m dad

  • Bianca Houdek (15 hours ago)

    Woah shocker me too!!!!!!

  • D humble (Mar 10, 2019)

    Read more.....The person reading this i hope you get rich an have a good life

  • Bianca Houdek (15 hours ago)

    Well, Franks you. 😇

  • Subzero_ Killer (1 day ago)

    I hope you get rich and have a very good life and just enjoy life

  • LeraKimchi (5 days ago)

    I'm in deep love with these music videos. So much real life in those. Feel sad about being at home all the time.

  • Josie Barre (2 hours ago)

    Omg im 7 and i think ive seen benny

  • Dj Yonas (Sep 5, 2018)

    The problem with that song is that it's too short...

  • Double Vey (3 days ago)

    Elle gouldin ligh

  • Anitra Petry (3 days ago)

    And Halsey is a good singer