Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake



  • AMV_hype
    AMV_hype seconds ago

    Press f in the chat for the Under paid editors

  • Mar Wth
    Mar Wth seconds ago

    Drake really focused on getting that best featured artist 💯🔥

  • Suhaib Ullakhan
    Suhaib Ullakhan seconds ago


  • Cash God
    Cash God seconds ago

    Anyone else think it looks like watch dogs vibe???

  • DarkSpoork
    DarkSpoork seconds ago

    Editor: yo travis how many effects and people you want if your music video?
    travis: *yes*
    Editor: uh travis i dot understa-
    travis: *YES!*
    *chief keef bust through the door*
    chief keef: *THIS AINT IT CHIEF!*

  • Lil WB
    Lil WB seconds ago

    Knew this video finna be crazy after.

  • Spotted Salsa
    Spotted Salsa seconds ago

    wtf just happnd?

  • Juan Pablo Salazar-Ortiz

    #1 on trending Nicki what did you do this time

  • _David123_ plo
    _David123_ plo a minute ago

    This make me want to eat water.

  • Jace BROOKS
    Jace BROOKS a minute ago

    "I crapped on a block" damn that stuff had me dying 😂😂💯

  • karam o
    karam o 2 minutes ago

    anybody who says drakes verse was better than travis dumb asf

  • nicki denise
    nicki denise 2 minutes ago+1

    Director: so what kind of effects do you want?
    Travis: yes

  • Akhil K
    Akhil K 2 minutes ago

    That black and yellow flow towards the end!

  • Infezo
    Infezo 2 minutes ago+1

    Akademiks bout to Nut also so is Dontai.

  • Jordan Paris
    Jordan Paris 3 minutes ago

    Looks like CLEMY edited this shit but it hella fire vro

  • Ziggy Bowie-Morrison
    Ziggy Bowie-Morrison 3 minutes ago

    Dude trying so hard to be A$AP ROCKY. smh

  • tiana mccullom
    tiana mccullom 3 minutes ago+1

    Graphics are CRAZY!!! Video is SICK!!! Where’s Swae Lee tho??! “ sum one said lol LOVE THIS VIDEO

    TIMELESS 2K 3 minutes ago+1

    Astroworld, my planet, my home

  • Jillian Johnson
    Jillian Johnson 3 minutes ago

    4:23...fucking same

  • Sultan Enterprises
    Sultan Enterprises 3 minutes ago+1

    Wallahi I will like this comment