Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake



  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 10 minutes ago

    Swae lee: *doitlooklikeibeleftoffsickomode???*

  • Basia Black
    Basia Black 11 minutes ago+1

    My town..💪🙌💃🎤🎶🎵🎼H-Town #DemBoyz

  • Heroseus
    Heroseus 11 minutes ago

    Oh nah

  • Grey lxrd
    Grey lxrd 11 minutes ago

    I love u la flame but fuck DRAKE

  • x Claw x
    x Claw x 11 minutes ago

    It's funny how rappers are always shirtless when they have so much money in their bank accounts

  • 6
    6 11 minutes ago

    if awge edited this video it would be unreal

  • Bianca Eliza
    Bianca Eliza 12 minutes ago

    Brilliantly awesome 👏 ✨♥️

  • GrimScam
    GrimScam 12 minutes ago

    Showed this to my dog and now he's a weed smoking Dawg
    Funny and Original Right?

  • liz davie
    liz davie 12 minutes ago

    travis: horse?
    director: horse.

  • Preston Price
    Preston Price 12 minutes ago+1

    Out Like a light!!! Drake cold homie!!!

  • Z Z
    Z Z 12 minutes ago

    I feel high and I have not smoked

  • TS711 HD
    TS711 HD 12 minutes ago

    This song want me to do do quick maths
    *2 + 2 = ~


  • Boyy Man
    Boyy Man 13 minutes ago+1


  • KiruAckerman
    KiruAckerman 14 minutes ago

    Ouaaaaaaaaaaahhh ❤️ Exposed themm! EXPOSED THEM!!

  • Incognita True
    Incognita True 14 minutes ago

    i didn't think they were gonna make a video 4 this likes

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh 14 minutes ago

    Love you man

  • BruhFlo
    BruhFlo 15 minutes ago

    Soberness has left the chat :

  • Enjoy The Silence
    Enjoy The Silence 15 minutes ago

    4:31 When u are deciding "Yaaa" or "its lit"

  • Patrik Novák
    Patrik Novák 16 minutes ago


  • othman M. Abshir
    othman M. Abshir 16 minutes ago+1

    1 billion views