Helicopter Crash in New York City

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  • Published on:  6/10/2019
  • A helicopter crashed onto the roof of a skyscraper, killing one, as people evacuated into the streets. Read more here: https://bit.ly/2wItw48


  • Miles Root 9 days ago

    must've been scary as shit for those who witnessed 9/11 on TV or irl

  • Ross Jones an hour ago

    @this ain't it cheif I DON'T see you put out any evidence the government didn't cause 911. Since both of us are at odds about this, look at my past texts telling others like YOU what videos to look at concerning the towers. The light bulb above your head might come on.

  • this ain't it cheif an hour ago

    @Ross Jones so what I'm getting is that your blaming 9/11 on the government without any factual evidence.

  • Ryan Martinez 8 days ago

    Title should be called "people describe helicopter crash while standing in the rain"

  • uabir 6 days ago

    Foreign people

  • JRT 6 days ago

    @NZP Films I was talking about the guy making the horrible *Avengers reference* , not the original comment. I agree with the original comment, you fuckin slow retarded piece of literal shit. Look at the blue text named replies, or don't you understand technology and softwares, you fucking boomer

  • Dr. Dunsparce 8 days ago

    Damn... even though someone died, at least it was only one person, may he Rest In Peace

  • Meme Guy 5 days ago

    California Republic wow, just wow. Get out of here

  • um hello 5 days ago

    @California Republic Ok that is low quality bait

  • C Mahoney 8 days ago

    “The building felt like...moving”*Poetry*

  • With Style 4 days ago

    Whats wong with the sentence. Looks ok to me.

  • Actor

  • Alkaris 9 days ago

    You didn't even show the aftermath… you showed nothing.

  • 7j8f s 5 days ago

    Oofer Boy who cares i just wanna see the building

  • KermitDFrog 2k17 5 days ago

    damn your reply thread is toxic XD

  • k0p 8 days ago

    *People living in New York during 2001* "Oh shit, here we go again"

  • Gabbar Turk 5 days ago


  • Cam Beech 6 days ago

    @God 2 no you snowflake

  • Andres E. Gomez M. 9 days ago

    I swear this must have triggered some 911 flashbacks

  • wyatt jenkinson 6 days ago

    Negan lol 79 percent of bombs got through TSA during a test conducted by the government

  • JackAPC 6 days ago

    @Action Domics Don't waste your keyboard breath. Dude's just a shitposter.

  • M & M 9 days ago

    Sending prayers to the family of the pilot. So very sad.🙏🏽

  • Itzmebruh 5 days ago

    @Matilda Or...have you even heard of a joke? That's what xUltimate was making and I found it funny. Lmao

  • Matilda 5 days ago

    Itzmebruh bro you’re looking too literally into my “helping comment”. I mean it figuratively. The original commenter, M & M, was just trying to be positive and show some support. xUltimate literally said “yeah praying will totally help.” I could argue that M & M never said anything about helping either, she just wanted to provide some type of support by saying she’s sending prayers to the family in a way that she knows. Clearly xUltimate has some dislike towards faith...This is a tragic situati...

  • Kyle Dilbert 9 days ago

    Ouch..imagine getting hit by a 59 story building in your helicopter..Damn!

  • Jesse Harris an hour ago

    Avryquick- this little fuck is just trying to get a rise outta people.. Don't tickle his ego

  • Havoc 5 days ago

    Bro, it was raining like crazy that day. Could've been turbulence (if helicopters even experience it), or different problems.

  • Yo bro watch yo jet WATCH YO JET. But for real rip to the pilot .i hope everyone is safe in New York

  • BMB Kenshi 6 days ago

    Vinisher Da Otaku r/woooooosh

  • d 6 days ago

    the fact we know exactly what this man is talking about ☠️