Sasha Banks returns to WWE: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

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  • Published on:  8/12/2019
  • Unseen in WWE since WrestleMania 35, Sasha Banks makes a statement by interrupting Natalya, attacking the injured Queen of Harts and brawling with Becky Lynch.#RAWGET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE: WWE on YouTube for more exciting action!---------------------------------------------------------------------Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: out for news and updates: the latest Superstar gear at WWEShop: out our other channels!---------------------------------------------The Bella Twins: Divas: on Social Media------------------------------------Twitter:


  • Simone Altrocchi: VERSUS
    Simone Altrocchi: VERSUS 7 days ago+3040

    Love how she hugged the little girls in the front row, and then proceeded to kill Natalya and Becky like a SAVAGE

  • dhansen54321
    dhansen54321 2 days ago+34

    Sasha needs to start a feud with Corey Graves. Obviously, attacking or a match is out of the question, but it's time for the boss to make Corey's life miserable for a while. (Kind of a side feud.)

  • Pokemon4833
    Pokemon4833 2 days ago+39

    sasha: im leaving for aew after wrestlemania
    vince: we gonna give u a raise, new hair color, & a heel turn & a wrestlemania main event match next year
    sasha: 0:12

  • Jason Guerra
    Jason Guerra 5 days ago+529

    I bet the kids were crying the whole way home
    “Mommy, why did Sasha turn mean?” 😭 😭

  • Spaceman Octopus
    Spaceman Octopus 5 days ago+404

    Natalya: "It's been one year today since my dad died"
    Cole: "IT'S BAWS TIME!!"

  • Èllå
    Èllå 7 days ago+2399

    "It's been one year today since my dad died..."

  • Mariah’s Nation
    Mariah’s Nation yesterday+21

    no one:
    literally no one:
    not a single soul:

  • Floridarulz
    Floridarulz 3 days ago+20

    Natalia: talking about her dead father
    Sasha: interrupts her and turns heel
    Croud: starts cheering THANK YOU SASHA!

  • Alexa Cianciotto
    Alexa Cianciotto 2 days ago+14

    She looks just like Evie from the movie Descendants with that blue hair💙💙💙

  • fabb thought’s
    fabb thought’s 4 days ago+10

    Sasha Banks VS. Charlotte Flair
    👇make this blue like the haircolor of sasha and if you want a match of sasha and charlotte

  • Jesse Strickland
    Jesse Strickland 7 days ago+1357

    “Thank you Sasha” ?? I guess the Toronto crowd turned heel too

  • korey mcintire
    korey mcintire 6 days ago+126

    They say cheeseburgers give a man a heart attack, so does Sasha Banks. Good lord.

  • SpiralxWarrior617
    SpiralxWarrior617 6 days ago+116

    Prepare to be bombarded by Corey Graves saying "I TOLD YOU SO" over and over again.

  • Faizan Khan
    Faizan Khan 5 days ago+36

    Who want Sasha and Becky hell in cell match???

  • SleepyHead
    SleepyHead 3 days ago+6

    Sasha always beat Becky
    Becky Never beat sasha
    thats why the Man Is Nothing for the Boss

  • Mr. Stars
    Mr. Stars 7 days ago+1446

    Any Returning Superstar: Breathes
    Micheal Cole: OH MY! COULD IT BE

  • Kieran Docherty
    Kieran Docherty 4 days ago+41

    Every time Cole says “boss time” a child dies of an incurable disease.

  • vessley
    vessley 5 days ago+70

    One of the best returns ever! We are finally getting heel Sasha back holly smokes.. my prayers have been heard 😫

  • 2Good2BeTrue45
    2Good2BeTrue45 4 days ago+7

    To be honest, i really dont like how they made her return using Neidhart's death as a prop for heat, it legitimately feels wrong........
    Im glad Sasha is a heel though, she's way better as a heel, same goes with Charlotte

  • mike desorbo
    mike desorbo 5 days ago+113

    I added up 5 weeks of Becky Lynch's past TV segments/matches since Extreme Rules.. This return alone has more views... by quite a bit.. Listen to the fans.. and I love Becky.. I'm just making a point