Post Malone - I Fall Apart



  • octavia blake 1 years ago

    My brother passed away yesterday and this was his favorite song ❤️❤️ Rest In Peace angel

  • The Rat 11 days ago

    octavia blake omg..I’m sorry for your loss I wish you the best..❤️❤️

  • Aleecia Marrietta 2 months ago

    Who else is in the Feelings right now???😭😭💔💔😔😔

  • I feel you man

  • Maxx Thomason 2 days ago

    8 years gone... Denee Simmons you made me fall apart to my core. 💔

  • OGMONKEYBRAINS 1 months ago

    Ever love someone so much that you never thought they would do you wrong and ended up hurting you more than you thought was possible? Love my man Post!

  • Amy Barker 13 hours ago

    100% been there no pain like it ..😥😥

  • kein namevonmir 3 days ago

    I Hope i die

  • TANKZAs Ree 1 months ago

    When McDonald's gives you 19 chicken nuggets instead of 20

  • Jholic91 20 hours ago

    F's in the chat for the nug left behind

  • The D3mon K1ng 2 days ago

    And just one sauce

  • BlackSheepTV 2 months ago

    Anybody else here after watching American Idol?

  • nick mcfaddin 8 hours ago

    BlackSheepTV who cares

  • Selamat Md Tasjudin 1 months ago

    Hahaha... Yup

  • Iain M 1 years ago

    anyone from 2018 still falling apart?

  • brad 4 days ago

    500th reply lol

  • Kacee Andrus 1 months ago

    500 replies

  • *♥😭 The worst feeling is when you get hurt☹️ by the person that you thought 💔loved💔 you♥️😔😔*

  • Rachael Wdavies 2 hours ago

    @Aussie boy I wasted 17 yrs

  • Rachael Wdavies 2 hours ago

    @Aussie boy r u single?😆

  • Da Dave Guy 1 months ago

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  • Sammy Beauvillain 17 minutes ago

    Dude cant u just chill with ur edits I mean are you really freaking out for some virtual acceptation thumbs up? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Da Dave Guy 10 days ago

    Isaac Trinidad ?

  • I hope you're having an awesome day, if you want to give me a chance I created and uploaded a full stadium singing effect for this song that I think you'll love it 👊❤

  • Emilly Alves 2 months ago

    Listening to this song because of Alejandro Aranda!

  • Gabi A Piçarrinha 19 days ago

    Not me

  • Luis Garcia 1 months ago

    I had not heard it before Alejandro played it and did it justice! great lyrics though