I made a vlog in the 1990s

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  • Published on:  5/16/2019
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  • Ryan Trahan
    Ryan Trahan  3 months ago+3708

    Smash like button and subscribe :))

  • Adam Seddon
    Adam Seddon 3 months ago+3407

    every YouTuber: letting the person in front of me decide what I have
    Ryan: creative and actually entertaining new ideas

  • Charlotte Scott
    Charlotte Scott 2 months ago+555

    everytime i watch Ryan I think "this is just so wholesome"

  • pøtatø queen 101 :/
    pøtatø queen 101 :/ 2 months ago+203

    Ryan: pretends not to know what a phone is
    Earlier in the video: litterally searched up what a hole is on his iPhone x
    Me: ......

  • fαтιмα lσl
    fαтιмα lσl 2 months ago+80

    1990: in the future there will be flying cars!
    2019: vlogging like I’m in 1990

  • The Crying Corner
    The Crying Corner 2 months ago+241

    FIRST OF ALL WHO SWIMS WITH SOCKS ON SECOND OF ALL this was like watching a home video. So wholesome.

  • Novia Cunningham
    Novia Cunningham 3 months ago+1685

    Who doesn't love Ryan's very unpredictable content
    "this cold very water"

  • Bella Enriquez
    Bella Enriquez 2 months ago+168

    I will never be able to watch a high quality video again. Please make more like thisss

  • Tashathekitty
    Tashathekitty 28 days ago+37

    The guy at McDonalds though... he was just epic.

  • Clumsy Corgi
    Clumsy Corgi 1 months ago+91

    Why is that camera quality from 1998 better than the camera quality my phone has ever had?

  • kamryn e
    kamryn e 2 months ago+143

    the editing was amazing,, the arcade scenes looked right from a movie they were so pwetty🥺

  • dafne
    dafne 3 months ago+1764

    a group of guys talking about holes for 15 minutes

  • Elise lee
    Elise lee 2 months ago+59

    That guy sitting next to Ryan has an apple watch on

  • LecrdGamer
    LecrdGamer 14 days ago+5

    “This colds very water”
    The most smartest thing he’s ever said

  • Natalie Sell
    Natalie Sell 2 months ago+68

    Proceeds to jump rope with one rope

  • Adam Sim
    Adam Sim 1 months ago+15

    Ryan: “we should make a video in the 1990s!!”
    also Ryan: wears yeezys

  • Bitch Congratulations
    Bitch Congratulations 3 months ago+1887

    Other YouTubers: *problematic as hell*
    Ryan and his dudes: *talking about straws and holes*
    wow thanks for the likes

  • Nat17
    Nat17 2 months ago+62

    much respect for the effort 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Haley Yount
    Haley Yount 2 months ago+37

    A straw is infinite holes all connected together 🤯

  • Lillianna Swenson
    Lillianna Swenson 1 months ago+9

    The part where Ryan says “I was a skater boy she said see ya later boy”😂