Honest Trailers | Captain Marvel



  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  2 months ago+1595

    Do you think we could still get Secret Invasion storyline?
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  • ibXCV
    ibXCV 2 months ago+7771

    You're doing Captain Marvel and you didn't disable the comments section? That's bold.

  • Pixelate Wings
    Pixelate Wings 2 months ago+1613

    “Meet Captain Marvel, a girl with the power of spaceship.” 😂 I MEAN BASICALLY.

  • Libertarirynn Videos
    Libertarirynn Videos 2 months ago+1119

    Characters: Carol you’re too emotional
    Carol: 😐😐😐

  • Mika mi
    Mika mi 2 months ago+1748

    Bruh...the whole time I was thinking... WHAT FRICKIN EMOTIONS!???

  • Vision Sky
    Vision Sky 2 months ago+977

    Please say "I love you 3000" in your Endgame Honest Trailer :D

  • Brucekeee
    Brucekeee 2 months ago+4073

    I lost it when he said “her marvel issued black friend” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Blake Wilson
    Blake Wilson 2 months ago+561

    3:54...oh man. I rewatched Winter Soldier after Captain Marvel, and I agree that that particular line doesn’t sound nearly as cool and epic as it used to.

  • Awesomebacon
    Awesomebacon 2 months ago+410

    “You have to keep your emotions in check!”
    Brie Larson: ...

  • Lance W
    Lance W 2 months ago+313

    i lost it at "her marvel issued black friend" 😂

  • Sarahbor Cartoons
    Sarahbor Cartoons 2 months ago+132

    How did you not make a "Skrull Island" joke considering both Larson and Jackson were in Kong: Skull Island?

  • 7SidedFilms
    7SidedFilms 2 months ago+337

    I do wish Endgame had the Stan lee tribute credits as well :(

  • mattwo7
    mattwo7 2 months ago+622

    3:15 Still waiting for the Black Widow movie.
    Any day now...

  • 1337azaltuth
    1337azaltuth 2 months ago+525

    "brie krie
    phone home"
    -for some reason, THIS was what made me chuckle _xD

  • MyLittlePimp11
    MyLittlePimp11 2 months ago+308

    "How do you not make Ben Mendelsohn evil? Ben Mendelsohn is always evil!"
    That made me laugh so hard 😂
    My son may be evil... But he's damn cute lol

  • rockjockcanada
    rockjockcanada 2 months ago+250

    Everyone else: "Can you keep your emotions in check?"
    Captain Marvel: "Hold my chloroform bottle."

  • Kent Hayes
    Kent Hayes 2 months ago+218

    “ecroF riA ehT nioJ”
    Brilliant Simpsons reference 😂 😂

  • JustAnArrogantAlien
    JustAnArrogantAlien 2 months ago+184

    "Carol, you're too emotional."
    The movie has to keep telling you, because you'd never notice if it didn't.

  • Commander Spock
    Commander Spock 2 months ago+323

    My problem with the film is the central problem is everyone is saying she's to emotional YET THEY NEVER SHOW IT so we're stuck with Captain Blank

  • Keandre' Sutton
    Keandre' Sutton 2 months ago+1867

    “Marvel Issued black friend” 😂