How Humans Broke the Game

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  • Published on:  4/14/2019
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  • TierZoo (4 days ago)


  • Miguel Braga (52 minutes ago)


  • Wazrobe (7 hours ago)

    I hales were fish the whole time

  • Consumerism_Is_A_Scam (3 days ago)

    LMAO the ice barrage sound for when you showed the ice age killed me xD

  • Frot (1 day ago)

    *ice burst

  • Jay Skott  (3 days ago)

    Just the concept of this whole channel makes me remember why I fell in love with YouTube all those years ago

  • Jetisonne (22 hours ago)

    It definetly has the creativity of the 2007-09 Era of YouTube.

  • Blaz (2 days ago)

    TierZoo just mentioned Dragon Quest.Dragon Quest had a game made by Genius Sonority.Genius Sonority made a game series about "Denpa Men."Give the Denpa Men a tier.

  • Joseph Mauchline (1 day ago)

    Yo, neanderthals had larger brains but weren't necessarily smarter. There's a lot of evidence they tended not to adapt until it was too late.

  • Caelan Thompson (3 hours ago)

    Not only is our brain to ratio incredibly high. Size doesn't mean everything. It's also about the connections between neurons, and where we decided to put experience points in parts of our brains. Communication, creativity, problem solving. AND our specialization in the humunculus for the hand. We have incredible control of our hands. Obviously more, but i'm not smart enough to name more. lmao

  • Jack Kennedy (1 day ago)

    Adaptability and intelligence aren't necessarily the same stats, adaptability could be considered a stat based on a calculation of intelligence and physiology. In other word we may have been more physically adaptable. There is also the fact that intelligence shouldn't just be considered iq, rather eq is important as well neanderthals had better weapons and possibly intelligence but we were shown to be far more social, that's probably what did it. That or what was also stated in this video, that they we...

  • I think the real reason animals went extinct is because they fell for the old, “Alt+f4 for free exp.”

  • welp (3 days ago)


  • Dino4002 MineCraft (3 days ago)

    Only the Dodo fell for that as far as I know.

  • dark lighting (2 days ago)

    If zootier made a ligit game based off this I would fricken play it 24/7 who else would also play it? Or are we already playing the game?!! 😅

  • Thot Destroyer69 (1 day ago)

    If it were a game I would love to play it to but he’s talking about real life

  • Hyrule Legend (1 day ago)

    Closest we're gonna get is Spore kek

  • Goku Black (2 days ago)

    Will you make a video on insects and their tiers in the future?

  • Cool I love the evolution of man.... most fascinating stuff to me👏🏽🌍

  • Gabriel Borkulak (3 days ago)

    He protecc He attac But most importantly Neanderthal never come bacc

  • Incurablederp (17 hours ago)


  • 2chin4u (1 day ago)

    Your still not a Neanderthal though. Think about how many generations it has been since the end of Neanderthals and then think about how many Neanderthal ancestors you have. It’s probably one or two. Your Neanderthal DNA probably hasn’t contributed significant genes besides letting you be here. For example, for me, I am 0.01 inches shorter due to my Neanderthal genes, so very insignificant. Neanderthals definitely went extinct due to human activity