MythBusters Tory Belleci Tests the Ultimate Burger Robot | The Burger Show

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  • Published on:  3/26/2019
  • In episode 4, MythBusters Tory Belleci and Alvin Cailan are testing a burger robot. When Alvin first heard that Silicon Valley had built the world’s first fully automated burger robot, he knew he had to fly to San Francisco to see it with his very own eyes. Not only to taste the burger, but to race it head-to-head in a burger battle, man vs. machine. And he’s bringing along Tory Belleci to judge whether his years of cooking on the line will pay off.Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: out more of First We Feast here: 3Episode 4First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  4 months ago+303

    Silicon Valley made a BURGER ROBOT! Do you think it'll replace humans?

  • Emmanuel Alejandro
    Emmanuel Alejandro 4 months ago+1516

    Wow haven't seen Tory since mythbusters. Nostalgia INTENSIFIES.

  • King Garcia
    King Garcia 4 months ago+926

    I dont think you should have tried to match the amounts and just made a burger using the same ingredients... Like you said when you ate it, "needs more salt", you should have just made your burger.

  • ChicagoTRS
    ChicagoTRS 4 months ago+352

    The exact measurements seem unnecessary and took a lot of time though they certainly lead to consistency. Robot never gonna mess up though could get a "paper jam" or tomato jam.

  • TobyMUFC
    TobyMUFC 4 months ago+272

    I bet the robot wouldn’t put onions on tony hawks burger

  • Mike O'Barr
    Mike O'Barr 4 months ago+359

    I think having an ad with Alvin cooking a burger play before his burger show is a bit too meta.

  • Timothy Raimy
    Timothy Raimy 4 months ago+104

    I definitely feel that if Alvin could use whatever measurements and weights he wanted, or just did it by eye he could totally make a great burger in five minutes.

  • silentdecay
    silentdecay 4 months ago+172

    Ps: get Tory back & involved as much as possible....great personality for tha Youtube-Feast-Hot-Ones Team!!

  • nathanfay1988
    nathanfay1988 4 months ago+179

    I think people are missing that this robot can make a burger in 5 minutes (12 per hour, right?)...BUT it can have ~11 running in various stages of completion at the same time. It's actual maximum output is 130 burgers per hour.

  • Shuggy
    Shuggy 4 months ago+1292

    I love Alvin but man someone help him lose weight. I don't want him gone too early

  • Junah Moreau
    Junah Moreau 4 months ago+17

    Someone, please explain to Alvin what every dealer knows: you don't use the product.

    NONAMESYOUTUBE 4 months ago+14

    high school teacher "you'll end up flipping burgers"

  • allen
    allen 4 months ago+60

    my boy spongebob didn't face off against that burger-making machine to NOT get recognized 😤

  • cozytoucan
    cozytoucan 4 months ago+198

    your ad showed up on your own vid
    congratulations, you paid yourself
    edit: apparently you can run free ads on your own vids this joke sucks now

  • Chim Richalds
    Chim Richalds 4 months ago+24

    But can the robot scream at you for more lamb sauce? Didn't think so

  • Joseph Tran
    Joseph Tran 4 months ago+223

    Damn, thought this was a Hot Ones interview with Tory when the notification hit. XD

  • Nathaniel Foga
    Nathaniel Foga 4 months ago+5

    Can a AI robot make a better burger then a Human , let's bust this Myth 😁👌

  • Quick News By Brixstein
    Quick News By Brixstein 4 months ago+40

    Yay Tory, we want more from him, please 😎

  • Kobi !
    Kobi ! 4 months ago+158

    Next season Alvin will be wearing a moomoo riding around on a mobility scooter

  • Ile Salmo
    Ile Salmo 4 months ago+28

    Is this the modern version of John Henry?