iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

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  • Published on:  4/25/2019
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  • rlsaine 3 months ago

    .... and just like that prices for all LG G3's on eBay went up 250%.

  • Banquet Meal 6 days ago

    @oussema trabelsi Thats what happened to mine after almost a year and a half. I got my money out of it lmfao

  • hassaan ahmed 1 months ago

    @qadoqawa i still have my dead g4 lying around in mint condition, never buying a lg ever again.

  • noodled 2 months ago

    "speaking of saving a buck"*pc case costs more than both phones combined*

  • ExpertCobra1911 1 months ago

    vasilije94 r/wooosh

  • NIkola Radunovic 1 months ago

    @vasilije94 Mozda trollas pa nisam ukapirao, ako je tako prastaj

  • Jaden Rivera 2 months ago

    Guy with glasses was definitely upset over the iPhone LMAO

  • 10th Note 14 days ago

    looks like gay

  • casio56 2 days ago

    G3 was my first flagship phone amd now i have the G7 waiting for the G9 to come out

  • Collin Michael 2 months ago

    this is why i still miss removable batteries. longevity went way up

  • epic gamer 13 days ago

    @Bobby C I have one Nokia 2.2 it's enough for me but you do you I am a really light user

  • Bobby C 14 days ago

    @epic gamer Octa core A53 processors are more efficient than the SD820, but they're slower. I haven't found any removable battery phones with a decent processor.

  • Sarra Smith 3 months ago

    "Root related things... Though, not everybody's into that."I'm a dentist. That's my jam.

  • Dahlia 3 months ago


  • jimmy jones 3 months ago

    Getting people to root their device is like pulling teeth.

  • Gladioh 1 months ago

    That guy next to Linus is an obvious Apple hater... While Linus gives Apple some good compliments, the other guy immediately comes up with a random other flaw.

  • MalarkeyMan 12 days ago

    TheOneG36 జ్ఞా No, he’s just an Apple hater

  • s13coupelove 2 months ago

    Android loads website 0.01 seconds faster, "Oh the Android was a bit faster" iPhone loads website 0.01 seconds faster, "it was about the same"

  • Knodesant Knode 20 days ago

    Gaurav Jha i better buy a Huawei y9 with latest update for like 2 yrs than a crappy iPhone6 just because I want an iPhone

  • Luc 29 days ago

    Well, it was about the same. If the iPhone had been faster first, then the android, I guarantee they would have said the same things.

  • Fappingness 1 months ago

    It's sad how they are comparing 5 yo phones like ancient technology and I can't upgrade my iPhone 5s (no joke)

  • @Alkali Metal sounds like bullshit

  • Alkali Metal 5 days ago

    @Stefan Andjelkovic Sounds like a downgrade.

  • stevencraigconner 1 months ago

    Redo the video without lineage OS and it’ll be a more accurate comparison 😂