G-Eazy On Stepping Away From H&M, Being A Crazy Gemini, Halsey & More

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  • Published on:  1/12/2018
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  • Lilly Rose 1 years ago

    He giving me 1950s Italian gangster vibe

  • KINGPIN 24 11 days ago

    Lilly Rose that’s the idea

  • Latisha heart 25 days ago

    Lilly Rose lol

  • The Dank Angel 1 years ago

    His voice is dope🔥

  • Citrine Investors 16 days ago

    I love his voice!!!!

  • Kimberly Nobles 18 days ago

    @ceefar 💀

  • CoastLifee 10 months ago

    he needa stop rapping and start acting, this man could be a superstar actor

  • kingkab a 14 days ago

    @kiddcudi Kidd are you dumb?

  • Nathan Harrison 1 years ago

    Charlemagne was using every opportunity to grill Gerald for being white and he handled it so damn well. Mad respect to him, what an interview

  • Carlos Hernandez 13 days ago

    I think he was fair. Charlemagne really had no reason to call out the man. I seem to think that it is the guy's style and demeanor, he doesn't come on the show fronting and just being overly ignorant. I guarantee that if this guy were covered in face tats, rocking grills, and looking / acting like Riff Raff then things would have been different.

  • BlueDream617 10 months ago

    I'm so happy he kept saying. "Know what I'm sayin" cuz if he didn't i'd have no clue what he was saying

  • Andrea Arrington 25 days ago

    😄😊😄😊 you are dumb

  • Jaime S 1 months ago

    That’s a Bay Area thing like hella is a norther cal thing 😂

  • ZeeDa Reefah 1 years ago

    G crazy look like he could play a bad ass Joker roll

  • MizzBrah 22 days ago

    Roll? Like a Joker type of barrel roll? A trick? What u mean!!!

  • Anton Saraste 1 months ago


  • Izhar Khalil 1 years ago

    Terrible interview overall. Kudos to G eazy tho for holding his own through all the awkward/disrespectful questions. He deserves the success after the grind, and I’m happy for him. 🙏

  • Tarif‘s Channel 4 months ago

    Word up!

  • Jacqueline Van Bierk 4 months ago


  • India Smith 1 years ago

    I didn’t like Charlemagne on this interview. Like he kept focusing on that one thing I know G eazy felt awkward and annoyed

  • Suh Dood 4 days ago

    That's who he is. Like he unapologetically just keepin it real. Hate all u want but he still gon b here.

  • danelle grobler 1 months ago


  • Jaimy Waterhouse 1 years ago

    Lost respect for the breakfast club after watching this. Very disrespectful questioning and clearly had no respect or research behind it. Hailey? Come on. All the drug questioning? Did y’all meet over a line? Disrespectful.

  • Andrea Arrington 25 days ago

    Chsrlemagne is gross.

  • Evrett 5 months ago

    Straight disrespectful! I agree!

  • SOfilmable 1 years ago

    He need to drop his own pomade brand. I'll buy 4 sure. Look at this, It can't even move with 2 hurricanes at the same time with a side of tsunami.

  • biuntbear 1 years ago

    SOfilmable LMFAOOOO