Rousey makes "Rowdy" Power Rankings debut: WWE Power Rankings, April 15, 2018



  • SkAll IsWell
    SkAll IsWell 3 months ago+1

    Where is Roman?

  • raju mukhia
    raju mukhia 4 months ago

    Roman Reigns is only hero, he is no.1

  • Shaista Rehman
    Shaista Rehman 4 months ago

    Ronda is an inspirational to many girls

  • Shaista Rehman
    Shaista Rehman 4 months ago

    Ronda should be at no.1

  • Sony Yadav
    Sony Yadav 4 months ago

    I love Roman empire

  • Sai Prakash
    Sai Prakash 4 months ago

    but after roman beat Brock lesnar

  • Yến Vy
    Yến Vy 5 months ago

    John Cena ????

    JA MILL 5 months ago


  • Tyler Gerhardt
    Tyler Gerhardt 5 months ago

    how can you have power rankings if it's all scripted?

  • Savita Sehjal
    Savita Sehjal 5 months ago


  • l g
    l g 5 months ago

    rondas career is a joke

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 6 months ago

    more movies!!!

  • GhastlyMite
    GhastlyMite 6 months ago

    Can Daniel Bryan versus Brock Lesnar?
    Plz =3

  • Joel Morris
    Joel Morris 6 months ago

    Now ALL respect for Rousey is gone. WWE? Seriously?

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez 6 months ago

    Rousey is funny still trying to look tough

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    Ronda is in the wrong business lol

  • Boscoe Kills Games
    Boscoe Kills Games 6 months ago

    I've body slammed hella sweaty bros into the lobby on my stream on Twitch.. no plug intended ;)

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 6 months ago

    Stick with fake stuff

  • Stevens Thalmas
    Stevens Thalmas 6 months ago

    No roman reighns hahaha

  • BBBYpsi
    BBBYpsi 6 months ago

    My top ten Power rankings
    1. Brock Lesnar
    2. A.J. Styles
    3. Braun Strowman
    4. Seth Rollins
    5. Bobby Lashley
    6. Charlotte Flair
    7. Nia Jax
    8. Bludgeon Brothers
    9. Ronda Rousey
    10. Asuka
    This will change because I believe Ronda & Lashley will move up on the Rankings in the next couple months. I believe both will be in top 5 before summers end. Nia Jax will be out of the top 10.