David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair



  • David Dobrik (5 days ago)

    Thanks for having me Vanity Fair! I feel like I really got to know myself better lol

  • All Gacha (14 hours ago)

    Your awesome

  • ScarlettP (6 days ago)

    They act like we know how to read a lie detector test

  • ScarlettP ikr

  • Kendra Perez (21 hours ago)

    ScarlettP omg honestly 💀

  • Breyer Loves (3 days ago)

    “Were you sad when your parents ate your pets?”*pauses and looks around while smirking* “...no...”

  • Ashley (21 hours ago)

    He must have ate them too but didn't want to admit to that.

  • XxJasylxX (3 days ago)

    Operator- Are you happyDavid-Yeah*Operator- slides photo of him and Liza*Operator- YOu HaPpy nOw??

  • Half-Blood Princess (14 hours ago)


  • Hannah Wells (17 hours ago)

    I felt that

  • Chloe Jae (3 days ago)

    First of all David is wayyyyyy cuter that Cameron Dallas

  • Hoe Woah woah (1 hour ago)

    Chloe Jae I agree

  • Kayden Marsh (14 hours ago)


  • IIMxstyII K (3 days ago)

    9:07 my heart momentarily broke for a second. I-

  • Giovanni Soto (2 hours ago)

    What does he mean??

  • kathy Vasquez (14 hours ago)

    I literally just was about to say that he made me so sad :(

  • Savannah Brown (5 days ago)

    "is this your girlfriend?""no""I'm so sorry" LMFAOOOOO

  • TIffanyrose Angeles (2 hours ago)

    David would break down in tears easily after 2- yr relationship w Liza's pic would be shown ( barbaric on Him I thought,plus the hard ? Re his fam.) just an observation,but David's seemed to be looking more Stressed out,weight lost ( picky eater anyway ) bags under his eyes,?...Maybe stay out too late,sleeping in too late" vicious cycle isn't healthy,plus a poor diet, maybe a slight depressed mood,he's hiding ) Yeah,interesting he's not dating a good looking guy,with so much going for him.......

  • breeze (3 days ago)

    1:33 *Polygraph dude* "Were you sad when your family ate your pets?"*David* "...No" Lmao

  • Unknown Mtnrnndnndnnn (2 days ago)

    The pain in David’s eyes when he kept mentioning Liza😭

  • Crystal Ortiz (2 days ago)

    David is very attractive and I find his laugh super attractive and everything