twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Live from the American Music Awards]

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  • Published on:  10/9/2018
  • twenty one pilots' performance of 'Jumpsuit' from their new album Trench live at the American Music Awards on October 9th 2018.get Trench featuring 'Jumpsuit' & 'My Blood' now: twenty one pilots merch: twenty one pilots on tour: with twenty one pilotsSite: http://twentyonepilots.comFacebook:


  • Furqan Baba 8 months ago

    Tyler has made a lot of money selling Josh's hair.

  • Sophia Muse yesterday

    But we don’t believe what’s on tv

  • I NO 8 months ago

    This audience was nothing compared to what the bandito tour is gonna be like

  • Riley 21 hours ago

    i saw them june 11th in raleigh

  • Riley 21 hours ago

    John Jacob if a 14 year old is still in middle school then they have a problem-

  • Sum Ting Wong 8 months ago

    Tyler: So what started the fire?Police: Some random band lit a car on fire and one of their falling pedals caught flameTyler sweating: I wonder which stupid band did that

  • I've got two faces 8 days ago

    @GravitYEE dont mean to much to me *HANDS HELD HIGHER*

  • I've got two faces 8 days ago

    @GravitYEE dont mean to much to me *HANDS HELD HIGHER*

  • Ivan Shea Santana 8 months ago

    Tyler: We’re going to burn a car on stage.Everyone: wtf

  • Doesn’t he do that like all the time?

  • Boi Ambzy 1 months ago

    Ah classic Tyler

  • Al3xand3r _Gamer 6 months ago

    *This is the worst preform 1. The audio dude was probably on crack2. The crowd didnt know wrf is happening3. Tyler looked like he doesnt want to be there4. Josh is their cause tyler made him go lol*

  • Marlena Ambrosecchia 20 hours ago


  • randøm guy yesterday

    @Marlena Ambrosecchia aka people who listen to drake hehe

  • Twenty Paphonies 8 months ago

    Whoever was in charge of balancing the sound needs to get fired

  • Maxes Club 2 months ago

    I can agree.

  • Jun Yang Low 8 months ago

    yep, agree that sounds for award shows are hard to do live, but they should've at least re-edited/re-mixed the sounds before uploading this vid, which is entirely possible! would do the song sooo much more justice

  • Leighton Ellis 7 months ago

    That audience will never truly appreciate what they witnessed.

  • Jen p 27 days ago

    Actual Internet trash I ageee

  • Mcbsl 25 1 months ago

    I heard no singing with him

  • David Kubataev 8 months ago

    1:49 Crowd: **cheers and applause**Tyler: I’ll be right there...Crowd: wAiT tHiS iS nOt ThE eNd Of ThE sOnG?¿?

  • Cianifake a months ago


  • Charlee The Vlogger 1 months ago

    David Kubataev that’s accurate

  • Melapples Howlter 8 months ago

    Audience: wait why is he screaming I’m scared is this meant to happen is he okayClique: YAYYYYYY SCREAMING TIME

  • joshua sanchez 2 months ago

    Literally though lol😂

  • Jayna Marie Arsenault 2 months ago

    Wow so amazing live

  • S Y D N E Y 8 months ago

    Okay but who was in charge of the sound? Like you’re *fired* get out of here

  • Isaiah Holt 25 days ago

    It's so quiet

  • Steppen Wulfer 2 months ago

    I know this sucks but the real song is amazing