Gordon Ramsay’s Recipes for a Better School Lunch

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  • Published on:  4/8/2017
  • We’ve pieced together some of our favourite recipes from the channel into one Back to School special – tell us below what your perfect school lunch is?

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  • Nora Aracely Covarrubias

    I'm very hungry :/ how do I get the beans recipe

  • DreWid DaSauce
    DreWid DaSauce 7 hours ago

    By the time you finish that. School will be over

  • electromagneticlemon

    you can tell his kids arent in highschool yet...

  • SGO1
    SGO1 9 hours ago

    I'd love to be gordon Ramsay's son

  • nick rutsky
    nick rutsky 10 hours ago

    I wish I was his kid so I could eat this shit everyday

  • Nick Vasco
    Nick Vasco 10 hours ago

    you forgot one step in these recipes. have gordon ramsey make it.

  • Jack Dorr
    Jack Dorr 14 hours ago

    This won’t come close to my bowl of cereal

  • Flash Is Better Than Supes

    7:52 Confirmed subbed to PewDiePie

  • Anaya Lewis
    Anaya Lewis 17 hours ago

    Jamie Oliver?
    Never heard of him.

  • sepioify
    sepioify 21 hours ago

    00:23 did he just admit that his kitchen is infested with mice?

  • JandDTV
    JandDTV yesterday

    Lol how the fuck is this school lunches lol this is weekend food for kids. This is way too much to make for Little Timmy’s 20 minutes lunch in elementary school

  • boreas 39
    boreas 39 yesterday

    Gourmet school lunch.

  • Kevin
    Kevin yesterday

    I don't even eat lunch :(

  • Nathan Pham
    Nathan Pham yesterday

    there good, but he doesn't explain how they're good when you pack it

  • Jovanny Aguirre
    Jovanny Aguirre yesterday

    3:24 asmr😂😂😂

  • Dylan The human
    Dylan The human yesterday

    “Pssst go chase the mice”
    “What! Look I’m sorry but that’s it *Were closing it down!* “

  • Archie Danesh
    Archie Danesh yesterday

    Cat says with a British accent: “it’s bland, it’s rubbish”

  • Charlie Egan
    Charlie Egan yesterday

    It’s breakfast, dinner and tea👍

  • Salsa Beat Ltd
    Salsa Beat Ltd yesterday+1

    lol I’m not a nerd but kids come to school to learn not to have a proper luxury lunch

  • Vedant kale
    Vedant kale yesterday

    Hey Gordon what's your name?
    Gordon : Woaahh
    Hey Gordon what are donuts?
    Gordon : To die for
    Okay, gonna leave.