Better - Khalid (Lyrics)

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  • Published on:  11/9/2018
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  • parrell_nick 1 3 months ago

    😭😭This song made me cry my dad died 7 years ago but I still will always miss him I hope I get a like for my dad I LOVE YOU DAD😭😭😭😭😭❣❣

  • Brent Waters an hour ago

    Im with you its the beat that hurts i lost my brother to a heroin overdose he was only 33 sending you a hug and 💘

  • GuamanianBlood619 17 hours ago

    Rest in Paradise to your pops 🙏🏽

  • Melo Nelly 2 months ago

    Khalid seems to be such a good guy !! who agrees?

  • Betty Copper yesterday

    he really is is saw him in concert and he was so sweet and down to earth

  • deon harris 2 days ago

    @Jessie Underwod a jessie never look at a person and judge them meaning bad or good a old ancient saying never judge a book by its cover we dont know anybody and espicially if we dont know them

  • zbrxk3nz DVIL 1 months ago

    *There’s always that one person who moves on quickly, and then there’s the one who is still suffering*

  • Brent Waters an hour ago

    Always remember the person the who moves on quickly IS THE ONE THAT'S HURTING THE MOST

  • Sara 2 days ago

    I’m the one that moves on quickly lol you should be too

  • Leah Grant 3 months ago

    Just wanted to let everyone Person who reads this to know that you are loved and that I hope you have beautiful life Everyone of your s can do amazing things if we want to believe in yourself.....I do❤️❤️❤️

  • Lilli V yesterday

    Thank you😁

  • Ana Lopez 8 days ago

    Sure I guess

  • M S 2 months ago

    Swear I have a boyfriend everytime I hear this song. Im single af.

  • sk8ter girl 11 hours ago

    Same same ... i'm gonna die alone

  • Celena Hernandez yesterday

    Same 😂

  • Anna Chovhan 2 months ago

    i can't say if this song is happy or sad, and those kind of songs are the best

  • Kevin Castaneda 10 days ago

    Anymore songs like this?

  • Hello Keroppi 10 days ago

    Both? Sounds like they’re so inlove but cant be together so they fuck secretly

  • emelee garcia 17 days ago

    I'm laying in my bed with my eyes closed letting the lyrics soak in and it just makes me remeber that one person who made me feel so happy then so sad

  • Let me Roar 9 days ago


  • Alana Scott 10 days ago


  • hithismyusername 3 months ago

    When he says “Are you feeling it now” I try singing it, but all that comes out of my mouth is:Are you feeling it now Mr. Crabs? 💀

  • Dance Legacy101 8 hours ago

    lol yes!!😂

  • Dr.Bowler 8 days ago


  • Blair Clawson 4 months ago

    Khalid and Post would make good songs together.Y’all I didn’t think I would get that many likes and comments!😂

  • Phire Brake 12 days ago

    You got so many likes cause it's facts bro.

  • Rastana Waikawa 13 days ago

    @Harrison Stevens lol

  • Michael Moya 3 months ago

    Him and the weeknd should do a song together

  • Just Nick 3 hours ago


  • Echoz .doraa 5 days ago

    @Lol hi ok but they can have opinions so you cant be saying nothing so stfu