Alejandro Aranda: An EPIC Cover Of Post Malone's "Fall Apart" | American Idol 2019

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  • Published on:  4/1/2019
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  • Carlos Ramos
    Carlos Ramos 4 months ago+957


  • Laura Bogar
    Laura Bogar 4 months ago+425

    At the end he thanked the musicians that were on stage with him. That's all I need to know. Well done.

  • Ruby Bogonia
    Ruby Bogonia 4 months ago+418

    All us "homies" need to vote for this guy when the time comes!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 4 months ago+453

    He needs to skip the show and go straight into a record deal.

  • Agustin Gonzalez
    Agustin Gonzalez 4 months ago+673

    The way he changes the whole song into his own is just amazing. I bet he's even more amazing live.

  • Lito93
    Lito93 4 months ago+435

    I usually tend to think talent shows lean towards favoring singer with big voices instead of artists but man I havent been this excited about an artist on a talent show since James Arthur on X Factor UK 2012. Alejandro is legit and is super talented, definitely has my support this season.

  • tawanda Jerry
    tawanda Jerry 4 months ago+128

    Stop wasting this mans time and give him the whole thing already

  • SuperJack37
    SuperJack37 4 months ago+519

    You are making not just our culture proud but humanity as well. To leave the judges with no words to critique you, makes you even greater.
    Stay humble. You got our support.

  • niecool
    niecool 4 months ago+137

    He also give credit to the rest of the band. Truly humble. Congrats for winning this.

  • D. A.
    D. A. 4 months ago+301

    He is so good that it bothers me whenever his songs come to an end!!!!

  • Akai Sakura
    Akai Sakura 4 months ago+77

    I noticed him wearing the same shirt after the Bieber song. Just shows that he didn't come to the show to dress up. I love him so much. Just purely amazing talent!!! I just wish I'm living in America to vote for him. Rooting for you, Alejandro!!

  • Mary duong
    Mary duong 4 months ago+319

    Comment from Luke said it all. Ur the winner bud. Can’t wait for ur album

  • Josh Bjelan
    Josh Bjelan 4 months ago+247

    Listen to this with headphones on. When he starts his guitar solo the bass kicks in and the song just melts.

  • Aldo Nova
    Aldo Nova 4 months ago+180

    I have seen and heard a lot of musicians over the years ,but this guy is this real deal. Musicians and entertainers like him just don't walk in off the street into idol all time. Regardless if he wins idol or not his ticket to fame has already been written for him.I will buy his cd when it hits stores. God bless you Alejandro I wish you nothing but great success you deserve it !!

  • Phil Kwon
    Phil Kwon 4 months ago+40

    During his first audition, he said that he didn't think he was talented (just hard working). I get what he's saying, but finding the motivation to work that hard to become that good (at anything) IS a talent, my friend. So, keep working hard. Your dreams just might start chasing you instead. Cheers!

  • Edgar Lopez
    Edgar Lopez 4 months ago+67

    3:12 - The way you treat people says a lot about who you are. This guy has my respect. Even a small act of kindness can make a profound difference to somebody else. I hope he wins Idol but more beyond winning I personally think he‘s already a winner in life.

  • Ben Carrasco
    Ben Carrasco 4 months ago+50

    Love his look, his swag, dont change a thing. Represent the Latino culture.👏👏

  • the beditorial
    the beditorial 4 months ago+74

    This arrangement belongs on the radio right now

  • Mary Sar
    Mary Sar 4 months ago+52

    The fact that the guitar solo was improvise made so much better. He is amazing

  • Kendra
    Kendra 4 months ago+143

    Dude.. this guys voice is super unique. Like he could have made a record straight off this cover right now.
    I dont even KNOW this song... and I am so impressed.