Can a chicken raise a duck?

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  • Published on:  10/9/2016
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    Hello everyone, we're back! A big welcome to all the new subscribers.
    So, can a chicken raise a duckling?.... Well, let's say, they had to get to know each other.
    The chicken in this video is the same one that also helped us with incubating Albert's friends. She is so sweet and I felt sorry for her that she had no chicks to raise for herself.

    Text in this video:

    We only have chickens and no rooster
    so our hen was sitting on empty eggs
    She was so dedicated and really wanted to be a mum
    So I got her a present
    She could see it, smell it: This was not a chicken egg
    A few days later I checked the egg
    right on schedule
    so a couple of weeks later, on a beautiful morning...
    to make sure all would go well, I kept the egg with me during hatching
    it was strong it was healthy all should go well
    so when it was dark outside, I snuck the duckling under the hen
    The next morning...
    Now listen to that sound and watch the little grain
    In 'Chicken" this means: "Look, I've got something nice for you"
    Little chickens will come running when they hear this
    the hen kept calling him
    but the duckling went for a swim
    "Hey, water is dangerous, get back here"
    The hen wanted to understand this weird chick
    so she started to study how it was trying to eat
    She thought his leg looked like a nice little worm
    But that's alright...
    The duckling thought he could eat his mum too
    the little one needed to eat
    so I showed them the duckling food

    The music is through
    1 Tall-Tales by Luke Richards
    2 Risleys-Waltz by Adam Skinner/Dan Skinner/Randall Breneman
    3 Razz by Bob Bradley

    For filming I use a canon EOS 700D and an iphone 5s