I DIY'd my entire outfit today

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  • Published on:  11/17/2018
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  • Aaliyah Myers
    Aaliyah Myers 5 months ago+620

    that one sock was actually impressive

  • Kayla Teplica
    Kayla Teplica 5 months ago+668

    Dude Gucci is going to want to hire you to design their clothes

  • Madalyn Hall
    Madalyn Hall 4 months ago+503

    Gucci is going to show up at your door and ask how you found out about next season's runway plans.

  • Dasha Kojenova
    Dasha Kojenova 4 months ago+263

    "Woah, that's complex"
    Dude that's literally the crappiest sewing machine I have seen.

  • Ignasio Castillo
    Ignasio Castillo 9 months ago+4165

    5 minute crafts is quaking

  • Charlotte H
    Charlotte H 5 months ago+98

    "God I hope this gets alot of views"

  • Anticlimactic Orange Juice
    Anticlimactic Orange Juice 4 months ago+106

    Dude your sewing machine broke because you have a cheap machine and you tried to use thiCC denim

  • Maranda Ward
    Maranda Ward 4 months ago+150

    Troom troom COULD NEVER
    5 minute crafts COULD NEVER

  • kayizcray
    kayizcray 4 months ago+239

    “Have you ever seen anyone DIY an entire outfit???!!”
    all the sewing/cosplay channels sigh as one

  • Menna El-Tayeb
    Menna El-Tayeb  8 months ago+1243

    I think we all know that Ryan got the idea from Harper from Wizards of Waverley Place

  • Kadance Wheeler
    Kadance Wheeler 2 months ago+71

    Ryan is my favorite YouTuber
    👇👇 this is how many people agree

  • Rena xoxo
    Rena xoxo 6 months ago+53

    Ryan was slowly going insane throughout the video😂

  • Kan'd Sueage
    Kan'd Sueage 5 months ago+48

    I've been making cosplay for nearly 6 years and this makes me feel much better about my abilities

  • Southern Tea
    Southern Tea 5 months ago+78

    drives to chipotle and sees the large line
    I’ll just.. go through the drive-through...
    Me: youre weAk

  • Kendall Is okish
    Kendall Is okish 7 months ago+1293

    My mom host monthy party things called "D-I-wine" where a bunch of middle aged women come over to drink wine and craft. Its great.

  • myarmsretreat
    myarmsretreat 1 months ago+15

    As a person who has been sewing for a decade, parts of this physically pained me. I wanted to help SO BADLY

  • EwItsMe
    EwItsMe 3 months ago+25

    Love how he bought a baby sewing machine 😂

  • George Webb
    George Webb 2 months ago+22

    the shirt before the sleeves looked like a hospital gown
    Quick update:
    also after the sleeves were on it still looked like a hospital gown

  • That's So Eden!
    That's So Eden! 2 months ago+24

    When he pulled out that sewing machine, I really thought he had bought a bedazzler

  • Tiger.panther
    Tiger.panther 7 months ago+1392

    I thought it would be better after I saw the sock
    I lost hope after the 2nd sock