"Cantina Theme" played by a pencil and a girl with too much time on her hands

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  • Published on:  1/10/2018
  • I spent way too much time figuring this out.

    For more like it, check out r/pencilmusic on reddit!

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    What is my life. Is this what my life have come to? This is my peak? Anyway, thanks internet.


  • SuperVstech
    SuperVstech yesterday

    I hope you are getting credit for the views the reuploaded videos are trending...

  • Dimentive
    Dimentive 5 days ago

    What a time to be alive.

  • OldDavidBr
    OldDavidBr 8 days ago


  • Zoe Smith
    Zoe Smith 8 days ago


  • Nihilus
    Nihilus 9 days ago

    Now THIS is what YouTube is all about!

  • Nathan White
    Nathan White 9 days ago

    Lmao I thought it was some kind of math joke, was so confused

  • TapL Fan
    TapL Fan 13 days ago+3

    Remember when this was viral?

  • Juliana Fraga
    Juliana Fraga 23 days ago

    here's the usual ADD study session

  • Michał Nowak
    Michał Nowak 26 days ago

    Everything is a music if you are brave enough

  • thatnigganate
    thatnigganate 26 days ago

    This is it chief

  • Nadineyy
    Nadineyy 28 days ago

    You literally just copied her video and put it here with a different title -,-

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera 29 days ago

    This has a Vi Hart feel to it.

  • james gallagher
    james gallagher a months ago


  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator 1 months ago

    Dank shit m8

  • Crash Eclipse
    Crash Eclipse 1 months ago

    And here, a legend was born.

  • Vexo___ _
    Vexo___ _ 1 months ago


  • FuriousPixel
    FuriousPixel 1 months ago


  • Lucas Strong
    Lucas Strong 1 months ago

    I need this on the 10 hour loop
    send help

  • Em
    Em 1 months ago

    What I do in class when I'm bored

  • Dave Horsfield
    Dave Horsfield 1 months ago

    This is interesting