Learn Chinese in 3 Hours - Improve your Chinese Conversation Skills

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  • Published on:  5/21/2019
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  • BlueHen123 29 days ago

    Amazing class! Thank you for such a great lesson!

  • Lydia Townsend 27 days ago

    Very clear and memorable, thank you!

  • Ãlbertto kool Beto 29 days ago


  • RIO A 28 days ago

    Why there are no sentences written in pinyin this unfortunately like reading a newspaper written in advanceI hope there is even how to write the language and not this wayI wish you success

  • Asim Qadri 27 days ago

    Comprehensive ... valuable

  • 非常感谢分享这堂课。

  • Eric Paroissien 28 days ago

    You are a great teacher, you're going to inspire thousands of students and promote the wonderful Chinese language.

  • loe wish 29 days ago


  • ytfp 29 days ago

    Your teaching and English and style is very good. Where do we go to learn from you in person?