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  • Published on:  12/9/2018
  • DACIAN BRATS 4 D&D"Once upon a time, there was a kingdom on a big island, where everyone was rich, and they all wore masks and had fancy clothes!The island was called Dace, and there were almost no laws, except that you couldn’t be vulgar. Kids still had to go to school though. They had to learn how to be proper lords and ladies, and so kids did! On…Dacian Brats!"Original Story TWIN MASK LARP by John Basset https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Bs...Produced by Kelly EdenAnimation by Samantha VernierVO by Layla Ellingtonwith players...DM John Basset: @john.basset @twin_mask_larpTILLY: Kelly Eden, IG @Kellyeden Twitter: @KellyEdenTOSHADORE: Ryan Omega, IG: ryanomega Twitter: RyanOMGaV: IG phin.amin Twitter @pixelphiBRUCOSE: PJ Megaw, Instagram:@pj.megaw, Twitter: The_Mega_WBased on John Basset's TWIN MASK LARP story, "Dacian Brats" Takes place on the Island of Dace during the purge in 66C, nearly a thousand years in the past from the current story standing in Twin mask.Dace is modeled after Venice Carnival - where people wear masks to evade the responsibility of their sins. Some would say Dacian's consider their Masks their true identity. When you're wearing a mask there are no laws... as long as it's beautiful. (use your imagination) to find out more LORE of twin mask visit: twinmask.com