Nike - Tiger Woods: Same Dream

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  • Published on:  4/14/2019
  • Never stop chasing your crazy dream. #justdoit


  • Peter Gird (3 days ago)

    Best investment that any Brand could have made! Congratulations Nike.

  • mgtow stop ating me (1 day ago)

    +Trump 2020 change your name

  • mgtow stop ating me (1 day ago)

    +Mike Jones they wasnt using him when he was losing like a motherfucker

  • R LI (2 days ago)

    I think Nike was the only sponsor that didn’t abandon Tiger, makes this all the more special.

  • Ninja Please (4 hours ago)

    BEAST Raju - I don’t think Nike ever dropped him. They shuttered their entire equipment division a couple years ago, so all of their staff players—including Tiger—had no choice but to move on.

  • D Bo (20 hours ago)

    He got dropped I’m pretty sure. They just came back quick smart haha. Epic story none the less!! 🙌

  • hankakah (3 days ago)

    One of the few sponsors that never gave up on Tiger. They are also living a dream, that they backed the GOAT.

  • Lawrence Coleman (3 days ago)

    Nike a real one, got my sub because y’all never abandoned tiger 👏🏾

  • Gwen Marie (1 day ago)

    Exactly Mine Too👍👍👍💯

  • Lakeshore Group (4 days ago)

    These so-called Young Guns all these years while Tiger was building to this comeback said they wanted him to play him when he's at his best or playing in a major well they got it.

  • Mike Jones (1 day ago)

    Yep 100% and hes not even fully back to himself yet...winning Augusta was probably 85% of his capability...he won the masters with his brain, taking shots he knew he could hit and relying on his short game and mid irons...just wait till he gets some distance back (if he does, dont know if he will due to age/injuries), if he does, omg watch out, once tigers within 120 of the pin hes lights out good

  • Derrick Wright (3 days ago)

    They got it and lost. I have a feeling they are going to regret wanting to play Tiger at his best. They may not be winning many golf majors until after Tiger breaks Jack's record.

  • Caleb Davis (2 days ago)

    The moment I saw his hands go up for celebration I knew that it was gonna make for a fire motivation video 💯💯💯💯

  • Ridge Arnaut (4 days ago)

    How the hell did they just have this ready....Just do it indeed.

  • BEAST Raju (1 day ago)

    Larry Junior aww nice

  • Vansh Agarwal (2 days ago)

    They probably had this one on the shelves for a couple of years. It's a pretty simple video without footage from this masters. all they did was edit the number of majors.

  • Taufik Rahman (2 days ago)

    Congrates to Tiger Woods. He deserved this comeback win. 😁😊☺

  • Khalid Wakanda (4 days ago)

    One of the greatest, congratulations Tiger

  • EyeLoveTheStars (8 hours ago)

    +hsucduw Why are you so threatened by Tiger surpassing Tiger? fans are a fan of golfing greatness. You're witnessing history. Enjoy it or keep bitching about the dominating the white man's sport. Your choice.

  • Brian VanBeek (1 day ago)

    +hsucduw His career isn't over yet so he has plenty more time to get the majors record. He would have gotten 20+ if he hadn't had his issues of the past decade. Besides, the competition Tiger has played against is way better than Jack's with much more depth. Tiger also won 3 straight amateur championships and has the best amateur record of any golfer.

  • David Dolan (2 days ago)

    "I'm gonna beat Jack Nicklaus"Just Do It