Austin is weird (Texas Relays 2018)

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  • Published on:  4/2/2018
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  • Ryan Trahan
    Ryan Trahan  a years ago+41

    if you’re reading this, you’re early. discount code: NOTIFY5 for 5% off all HYDRA!!! love you
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  • Daniel Ski
    Daniel Ski a years ago+36

    Ima start my own company called Poseidon Bottles and then ima make a clothing brand called SHIELD

  • Oscar Rojas
    Oscar Rojas a years ago+41

    Hail hydra

  • edwardfair45
    edwardfair45 a years ago+47

    Hydra-tion with my Neptune bottle

  • Pool Soup
    Pool Soup a years ago+21

    Running clothes? Can’t wait to be wearing some Hydra short shorts to run in.

    SKATER GIRL18 a years ago+21

    The Hydra shirts looks nice!!!

  • Briston Rains
    Briston Rains a years ago+10

    Ryan imma broke highschooler how am I supposed to get my Hydra 😪

  • Davon Rodriguez
    Davon Rodriguez a years ago+21

    Need someone to support me as much as Ryan supported buster

  • andi
    andi a years ago+13

    those shirts look extra comfy thooooo

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams a years ago+5

    Shoutout to Ryan for taking a picture with me at Texas Relays even though he was filming. Great guy

  • Brice Ashburn
    Brice Ashburn a years ago+4

    lol thats was me in that last clip w the music, yerrow is my boy from highschool

  • AdjacentEarth
    AdjacentEarth a years ago+9

    Hail Hydra

  • Jake Lucky
    Jake Lucky a years ago+11

    Wish i could afford dat merch :/

  • oliver
    oliver a years ago+3

    Captain America ain't proud of you, Ryan!

  • atomick
    atomick a years ago+4

    Ryan, what site did you use to create your hydra website.

  • Roy Dobbs Jr
    Roy Dobbs Jr a years ago+9

    gotta cop that hydra

  • Giovanni Rusco
    Giovanni Rusco a years ago+4

    Just order a hydra sweatshirt

  • jake norins
    jake norins a years ago+15

    I just ordered one

  • GhoulKiller9001
    GhoulKiller9001 a years ago+5

    I only watch this channel for the transitions

  • RohanTV
    RohanTV a years ago+12

    Ryan is a bussington