BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL

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  • Published on:  4/13/2019
  • Musical guest BTS performs "Boy with Luv" on Saturday Night Live.

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  • OP 4823 (4 days ago)

    They could barely hold their smiles while performing I couldn’t be happier for them

  • ken zo (4 days ago)

    OP 4823 that’s what I told my kid... they’re happy and makes a difference

  • MUBM ZEAAZAJ (13 hours ago)

    I'm 59 years old,but despite at my age,I like BTS, I love their songs.The songs are amazing as they are.And BTS аre cool dancing

  • Alcyone89 (11 minutes ago)

    Thank goodness we non teenage army😁

  • JS (13 minutes ago)

    Age doesn't matter at all for bts💜

  • aisha abdel-qader (20 hours ago)

    I like the positive energy they spread with the performance they keep smiling the whole time and there voices are great 👍🏻

  • KooKoo (3 hours ago)

    aisha abdel-qader They do have deep and meaningful lyrics also.

  • Vicky Tøria (6 hours ago)

    It's all about Love Yourself. 💜💜

  • LondxnWdw (18 hours ago)

    I’ve never really listened to Bts before but that was actually amazing omfg.

  • Silver Moon (1 hour ago)

    I recommend the following LIVE performances (pls check these performances, they are amazing, they show BTS's talent):

  • FR Bmp (21 hours ago)

    Never in my wildest dream anything from SNL became World Trending.

  • Alcyone89 (9 minutes ago)

    +Conner O'Neill you're disgusting man! Grow up!!

  • Alexander Pascual (1 hour ago)

    +Conner O'Neill another jealous trash

  • naia Cavalcanti (4 days ago)

    I had never seen a kpop band before. This was insane, the dance is incredible and they did not use playback. definitely BTS is the best boyband currently

  • Penny Bleta (12 minutes ago)

    @UCoFH-DbGcaYg1CckPpnGlIQ First mind your manners I am probably way older than you and secondly how was I supposed to know you are Army which if you were you would know that BTS are involved in the writing process. I just corrected that fact though nothing else nor did I attack you in any way.

  • Penny Bleta (16 minutes ago)

    +Yang Weicheng Yes and they have help to refine the final project but they write and produce the music themselves. One of them is a full member of KOMCA( Korean Copyright Association) and the others casual members. Two of them were underground rappers and have written music from 11 years old. The leader is a genius literally as he has an IQ of 148. Here this video can help you know them better

  • Lea F (16 hours ago)

    Adorable! I can see why these types of acts are so popular. :) Glad SNL has started hosting non English acts.

  • glowminy (17 hours ago)

    this band arrangement is so good wow, the fact that they also managed to do the choreo on this smaller stage

  • SpookyDarling (3 hours ago)

    Yes I was worried about whether or not this stage could hold their awesomeness.

  • Federica (6 hours ago)

    And the backup singers learned the korean parts...I'm shook

  • King Warrior (18 hours ago)

    I thought they were just so overrated but i must admit they are freakin good! Now i know why they are now considered the best boy band in the world👍 😬

  • FAFA TUTU TATA TITI (6 hours ago)

    It's ok!!! Last but not the least.... Finally you realised after alll..

  • Purple Bangwool UwUnes (6 hours ago)

    King Warrior Oh wow, for this case you can check the video “Bts are overrated” 😅 it’s such an informative video about bts and their personalities 😊

  • Emilie Gobro (15 hours ago)

    This song is soooo catchy! Love the performance and the fact that they clearly sing live and have a lot of fun doing it! How they can sing and do a high kick at the same time is a mystery to me though!

  • fran cesca (15 hours ago)

    Emil Gobro one of the members, Jungkook, is said to have trained singing while running on a treadmill 👀👀