Schumer: Trump walked out of meeting after Pelosi said no to border wall

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  • Published on:  1/9/2019
  • Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) talk to reporters after meeting with President Donald Trump about a deal to end the partial shutdown of the federal government. Schumer told reporters that President Donald Trump walked out of the meeting after Pelosi said she wouldn't support funding a border wall. #shutdown #schumer #CNN #News


  • Noel Blake
    Noel Blake 4 hours ago

    Nancy looks like she needs some dick

  • Maria Taylor
    Maria Taylor 4 hours ago

    Shoe mer is a fine, upstanding, erect, shit log that needs beat and dumped in a field! Lol!

  • Maria Taylor
    Maria Taylor 4 hours ago

    Not getting a ck? Thats a great time to get on unemployment!

  • John Parks
    John Parks 4 hours ago

    I love how they tried so hard to make it seem like trump is entirely to blame for the shut down, how he's using gov't workers as "hostages" to get what he wants, yet this is *exactly* the strategy they are using too...

  • Cophey Willis
    Cophey Willis 4 hours ago

    Fuck Donald Trump

  • Christos Anatolitis
    Christos Anatolitis 4 hours ago+1

    Liars pieces of shit! Pelosi and Schumer you are a disgrace!!!

  • 300tank
    300tank 6 hours ago

    Democratic leaders are such a shame and will only hurt the middle class and poor which nobody will win. They want to play hardball with border security because?
    They send billions overseas with nothing in return yearly 12 billion in this budget just waste money but to secure out border not a dollar and you people are for this. Trump will win this and win 2020 easily only because of these leaders act like children that can’t have it there way not even negotiate is a bad sign I hope they loose power little at a time they are a waste of taxpayer money

  • Cameron Mims
    Cameron Mims 8 hours ago


  • Hate You
    Hate You 8 hours ago

    She will die very soon and I'll party so fucking hard. Shes old and I have time

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 9 hours ago

    SUMMARY: we refuse to listen to the people and pass legislation that was voted for, can you believe how much of a jerk he is? LMAO, SHUT UP and sign the paper you flip flopping garbage.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 11 hours ago

    I was for Trump all the way but now after seeing how he acted and the hurtful things he said if he don't get his wall. I mean I thought he said he was for American's if so why hurt your people with not paying them just to get what you want. I'm really disappointed in you President TRUMP I thought you were better than that!

  • Brayden Jackson
    Brayden Jackson 11 hours ago

    Schumer words:
    President Trump: “Nancy are you going to help me build the wall?
    Nancy: No
    Schumer: “30 seconds later” we want to come with an agreement with President Trump....” You liberals are so disappointing. LET HIM BUILD THE WALL, AND TRUST ME THE GOV WILL BE RE-OPEN.

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous 11 hours ago

    You pay to get into Disneyland has a wall, your home has a wall, and mexico stops you 22 miles in and charges you … they are malfunctioning. something wrong with them. Charge a daily toll per person and put up the wall. The toll will pay for the wall. Put xray machines in cars and trucks have to drive on to just like airports except for cars.

  • drew quick
    drew quick 12 hours ago


  • John Gaither
    John Gaither 13 hours ago

    What is yours and your husbands net worth Nancy? We want to see 10 years of your tax returns and yours too Chucky.

  • Steelmonger888
    Steelmonger888 13 hours ago

    I blame these fucking assholes for this shutdown!! Fuck you Pelosi and Schumer!!! Just build the god damned wall!!! We need it!!! You two are the ones throwing your non stop tantrum even now two years after Trump won the election!! The two of YOU are the ones who don’t want to discuss anything!! Fuck you!! Do your damn jobs!!!

  • 1,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    Trump only wants the wall to make him look good by keeping his promise 😂 he does not care about anything

  • DennisBTV
    DennisBTV 15 hours ago

    If Nacy and Chuck really gave a shit about the American People not getting their paychecks then they would just sign at let Trump put up the wall!! Chuck was talking about putting up a fence/barriers (wall) years ago but now that Trump wants to do it for he’s against it now just because he doesn’t want to agree with anything Trump agrees with. If Trump agrees to donate money to build a church Chuck would try to stop him and say he’s anti-Semitic for giving money to a Church and not giving to a synagogue of satan and CNN would make it their top story. I know it’s sounds bizarre but can anyone really say they haven’t done something like that before?? Nacy and Chuck are acting like the money for the wall is coming out of their pockets! It’s ridiculous because if you really follow what’s going on Chuck and Nacy want to spend 50 million dollars in foreign policies! ( Which means dishing money out to other countries and not taking care of our own people! They are to blame for the shutdown because all Trump needs are the signatures! BTW theee has been a GO-FUND-ME Page set up for building the wall I think as of today 1-15-19 it’s @ 18.5 million dollars!

  • James Nava
    James Nava 17 hours ago

    Trump only walked out because you wont work with him on the wall. You and your party are a waste of time.

  • John Walton
    John Walton 17 hours ago

    Schumer you a bitch in man cloths and never did anything for American peoples so FCK YOU Peterpuffer/ Dems or playing Games but they dont know how to play them kinda games come 2020 Dems Assed out./ Open and unluck your doors bitches for years to come we need ground Troops period play your assess.