I Found A Mysterious Box In My Backyard And It Changed My Life



  • Joseph .S (13 hours ago)

    I found a dude under my bed....He’s still there

  • Gacha Girls (1 minute ago)

    Huykhanh Huykhanh I tough that I was alone whit it👀

  • kueen . kong (5 minutes ago)

    That's probably billie eillish

  • Joseph .S (13 hours ago)

    I found myself spinning on a ball of dust at 1000 miles per hourI’m still spinning

  • MaxiMilianmus (59 minutes ago)

    The other one whas better

  • Frostii (1 hour ago)

    Joe Mannix It’s the earth. It travels at 1,000 miles per hour. And we don’t feel it. Because of Gravity. And some other things.

  • Speed Rubriker (14 hours ago)

    I opened the box only to find my brother's console in it!!Turns out my parents had hid it cause he played too much fortnite!

  • olle sandberg (1 hour ago)


  • Zhuofeng Zhen (1 hour ago)


  • There's a legend that says this story never happened.

  • Isabella Y (21 minutes ago)

    And it’s true. All these videos never happened

  • Lourenço Vieira (32 minutes ago)

    They never said it happened but*ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

  • Joseph .S (13 hours ago)

    Guess what I foundDa wae

  • +Danielita Villegitas Learn grammar before you try to argue with me.

  • Salil Bhatnagar (33 minutes ago)


  • Hippo Madness (10 hours ago)

    The thumbnail drew me in

  • shadow 279 (19 minutes ago)

    Hippo Madness i just watch these because they “ACTUALLY HAPPENED”

  • Sajwa McQueen (1 hour ago)

    AHhHh.Thats hot ahh thats hot

  • Jay Hay (13 hours ago)

    Plot twist; the old lady buried apple Iwatch. Time travel confirmed

  • Md Monju (28 minutes ago)

    Jay Hay ৷ েোো,। চতগ k

  • Phoenix Majorr (30 minutes ago)

    He means that there could be time travel because there is a mickey mouse theme for the apple watch series 4 thats why...

  • This is epic!! I am so glad you shared this. There must be so many time capsules around the world. Time is such an interesting topic. This gesture is both nostalgic and beautiful. It keeps the world interesting and ever connected.

  • Reid Lawrence (45 minutes ago)

    Wandering Marine Veteran I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you might want to do some research on this channel. The company it works for is known for stealing content and using it as their own. There are probably multiple videos about them you could watch about it.

  • Wandering Marine Veteran (52 minutes ago)

    +ZP Gaming I would have been elated too. I was captivated, encapsulated if you will by the story line.

  • 207 Clique (11 hours ago)

    I found dog crap in my backyard!

  • Amal Bukhari (7 minutes ago)

    207 Clique *ACTUALLY* *HAPPENED*

  • TheTrackGuy (1 hour ago)

    CVerse XD

  • James Da Gamer (16 hours ago)

    1901 : In The Future We Will Have Flying Cars2018 : It's Airplanes lol

  • CrazyNinjaNoah (19 minutes ago)


  • Terius Zúñiga (1 hour ago)

    Lol 2019 we literally have flying cars