Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li (Vertical Video)

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  • Published on:  4/13/2018
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  • Marilyn Yanez
    Marilyn Yanez 9 hours ago

    I'm really with you Nicki but i just listened to shether remini got u fucked up man she was clowning.get her Nicki please u my girl she's bogus.her cardi Kim all them ant u girl i just hate it when people try to destroy really hard work shit.they some hating ass bitches put them all in a box and throw them into the sea.maybe I'm tripping though thows hoes will fall and time will tell u up in the seat forgood and they down there trying to get into a seat that they will never reach.yeah i was tripping.

  • Kitty 1507
    Kitty 1507 20 hours ago

    This should be age restricted

  • Alan Alberezanchi
    Alan Alberezanchi 23 hours ago

    No Talent just a big mouth, T*ts and A*s

  • Brian Lopez
    Brian Lopez yesterday

    La amo nickimina

  • SIN Jones
    SIN Jones yesterday

    She means every mf word don’t you ever forget

  • I am fin I am diffrent

    This is the way to fill a vertical video funny and crazy as fuck

  • Funtime Nightmare Freddie fazcake

    Nicki omg you are my first favorite singer I love you so much and your vids

  • Stella Chan :3
    Stella Chan :3 yesterday

    Your ugly.

  • Barry Baldemar
    Barry Baldemar 2 days ago

    hey Nicki.. think u need to check your youtube team, as this was supposed to be a dope vertical video, but they wrongly set it into horizontal figure. 😅

  • Porin Ivanisevic
    Porin Ivanisevic 2 days ago

    Haha Nicki at 1:45-1:47

  • Swaggy Drops !
    Swaggy Drops ! 2 days ago

    She should live with Toni toutouni...

  • T Mulkey
    T Mulkey 2 days ago

    Nicki I need that ass

  • who dat boy?
    who dat boy? 2 days ago+1

    *OH I GET IT...*

  • tea
    tea 2 days ago

    me after a breakup

    SHELBIE COOPER 3 days ago


    CAMRYN JOHNSON 3 days ago

    If nicki minaj did tik tok.

  • Mohammed Jr
    Mohammed Jr 3 days ago

    She is dirtY

  • Fenty
    Fenty 3 days ago+1

    27,8M ❤

  • Cre8Crew
    Cre8Crew 4 days ago+1

    check out BeatJack to ChunLi

  • 2pac and biggie remix jail kid

    Sexy woman
    Good rap
    peace for everyone