I Asked for Discounts at 100 Drive Thrus

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  • Published on:  5/25/2019
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  • Eirjf Watson
    Eirjf Watson 2 months ago+5155

    Who would say no to this charming young southern boy? 😔

  • Soul Keeper TM
    Soul Keeper TM 1 months ago +1218

    Goes in for a 10% discount
    Ends up donating $1.00
    If that isn’t a superb example of Murphy’s Law then Idk what is

  • Samantha Giles
    Samantha Giles 1 months ago+918

    Chick-fil-A employees are angels. My card declined one day but they let me have my food and said just to come back later to pay. So when I came back they didn’t expect it and just let me have it free. I miss living close to them

  • Chico Ferraz
    Chico Ferraz 2 months ago+2584

    I WaNt To sAvE mOnEy
    * goes to 100 restaurants *

  • Rachel Rolison
    Rachel Rolison 1 months ago+461

    Ryan: can I get 10% off?
    Every other fast food worker: no
    Chickfila employee: 10% off???? how about 50%?

  • Ihatemylife
    Ihatemylife 2 months ago+5320

    *Ryan being my parents for 19 minutes straight*

  • mia c-d
    mia c-d 1 months ago+201

    ryan: and can i get a mcdiscount?
    mcdonalds: sorry, the mcmachine is broken

  • teana
    teana 1 months ago+362

    ryan: is attractive
    also ryan: theres gotta be some kind of science why people give me discounts when they see me face to face

  • Anna Steinbroner
    Anna Steinbroner 1 months ago+254

    Chick fil a is amazing. My whole family once ordered dinner ( a lot of food) my dad is a good person and he really truthfully was goin to pay but he couldn’t find his wallet. He asked if he could leave and go grab his wallet, and have them hold the food.. they gave him all the food.. FOR FREE

  • Cade Hughes
    Cade Hughes  2 months ago+363

    Did you ask for McDiscount.😂😂 that was hilarious.

  • Ellie H
    Ellie H 2 months ago+4432

    How does he just... interact with people.... all the time...? Imagine having confidence

  • RevamedFaded
    RevamedFaded 1 months ago+138

    “I’ve been using honey for as long as I can remember, several months now.”

    STEPHANIE 2 months ago+114

    I just KNEW chick fil a was
    gonna come through 😭😭😭😂😂

  • Miah Whiteside
    Miah Whiteside 2 months ago+494

    Lady: Thanks for choosing Starbucks, what can I get for you?
    Ryan: Hey thank you...

  • Tofa Mryramry6
    Tofa Mryramry6 21 days ago+59

    Other youtubers: tipping 100 drive thrus
    Ryan: i AsKeD FoR a DiScOuNt At 100 DrIvE tHrUs

  • Lizzy Avery
    Lizzy Avery 2 months ago+2954

    Ryan at McDonald’s: CaN I gEt A McDiScOuNt

  • wiki
    wiki 1 months ago+154

    this was a confidence booster, a psychology experiment, and bankruptcy video all in 1

  • Fake Identity
    Fake Identity 2 months ago+196

    Starbucks Worker: Thanks For Choosing us!!!
    Ryan: hehehehe

  • april and a flower
    april and a flower 1 months ago+39

    When he donated money at the 3rd restaurant i diiiied

  • Estevan Ruiz
    Estevan Ruiz 1 months ago+147

    Ryan: "can I get a 10%off by chance?"
    Worker: "ummmm.. yea..... Uhhh umm... Yeah we don't do that here"