ShaoLan's Chineasy: Lesson 1

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  • Published on:  3/5/2014
  • We’re thrilled to read so many constructive comments about our Lesson 1. We hope this video provides you with an uninterrupted flow in learning Chinese characters for the very first time as it focuses on character recognition and the association with its meaning, which is the most difficult part. Once you master it, acquiring how to say them won’t be too challenging!If you’re interested in learning more characters and pronunciation, check out our first mobile app, Chineasy Cards at ✨ App Store ✨ Google Play Chineasy, we are committed to helping make learning Chinese fun and easy by creating more exciting content and new learning materials for all of the learners worldwide! Visit our site to find out more about us. interesting and insightful blog posts for you to learn more about the Chinese language, its culture and the latest information from Chineasy, check out Check out our Shop page to see other available learning tools! learning Chinese with Chineasy!