hells kitchen S06E07 full episode

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  • Published on:  5/7/2018
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  • Alaizabel Cray 9 months ago

    Man, the narrator just keeps getting better and better!

  • Bessa veronica 2 days ago

    Alaizabel Cray umm google him he’s hot !

  • Anders Haapa-aho 8 months ago

    “Is that the best you can do?”“No chef”“Then give me your best”“That is my best”Excuse me what??

  • Trivpyvibes \ 2 months ago


  • Sean Price 4 months ago

    lol i had to scroll down to see if anyone else caught that.good job.

  • Dai'Quion Atkins 3 months ago

    "Did we order rositto?" "Did we have a choice?" 😂😂

  • Dimitrov505 Z 8 months ago

    Van deff got some black friends lol

  • Rey Montalvo 11 days ago

    @Tee Warrior who dosent luv nice ebony 😁👌 shtt i kno i do ....

  • Tee Warrior 5 months ago

    @Ryan Johansson i know

  • Patrick Kanas 7 months ago

    You can just tell how much Ramsay liked Robert

  • Gaylene Wood 28 days ago

    Well he and ramsey both have crappy fathers that treated them like shit..

  • Laura Simpson 3 months ago

    Probably kept Ramsay in business

  • I still cant get over the fact that Suzanne's eyebrows looks like lamb chops. xD I thought my eyebrows looked funny.

  • MJW Games 6 months ago

    Is it me or is Dave stoned throughout this season. He just sounds like it whenever he talks

  • So what he was a great contestant.

  • Dinner-fork tongue 10 days ago

    @Tyler Franz And cleared _immediately_ afterwards, as you conveniently forgot to say.

  • JAN3 FR3D 10 months ago

    While the men continue to FIG-ure out their dish 😂😂 💀

  • Dimitrov505 Z 8 months ago

    Lol I swear this show has some corny jokes lol

  • Little Flower 9 months ago

    He gave the lady another chance because she had the balls to stand up for herself and showed she wanted to be there.

  • Dinner-fork tongue 5 months ago


  • Mike Jakob 8 months ago

    i wonder how its like for those V.I.P chefs to be on the other end of the pissed off ramsay

  • Nathalie Hogg 5 months ago

    I doubt he shouts at them like that, they are professionals who don't fuck up, if they did they wouldn't be working for him. Although I did see him scream at his low level entry chefs like he does in Hell's kitchen.