Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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  • Published on:  3/14/2019
  • Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.

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  • Crazy Guy (3 days ago)

    Without revealing anything the hype for the trailer is real.

  • 100k Subs Without A Video (27 minutes ago)

    +Elias Pedersen How is that a spoiler? Explain what are the informations that you got from those suit?

  • 100k Subs Without A Video (29 minutes ago)

    +Maurick Martinus everyone knows they're coming back lol

  • Abdul Sami (7 hours ago)

    Romanoff: *Practicing to kill thanos with gun*Thanos: *Am i a joke to you*

  • Brick Skywalker (1 minute ago)

    Yes you're a joke to me

  • Djules (19 minutes ago)

    copied and got more likes...

  • prarup jaiswal (4 hours ago)

    Directors be like :-We will stop Ruffalo and Tom from spoiling this.Whatever it takes!!

  • Lunargaze (6 minutes ago)

    Tom: so can I know about~ MARVEL: NO. Mark: how about me? MARVEL: ummm......maybe......NO

  • Why ? (29 minutes ago)


  • Gangster 123 (3 hours ago)

    Hawkeye’s hair is 50% cut.Balanced as all things should be.

  • Zaim Shahmi (4 hours ago)

    _"Whatever it takes..."_*_CAUSE I LOVE THE ADRENALINE IN MY VEINS_*

  • Trump The Disappointment (45 minutes ago)

    To see if they could come together and make good songs that most artists these days never could

  • the noob (1 hour ago)

    XDCause i do what it takes

  • Yash Jangra (3 days ago)

    How lucky is Doctor Strange.He saw endgame when we were watching Infinity war.

  • I Am Groot (38 minutes ago)

    Yash Jangra aHahahhahaahhahahahahahhaha god this is so funny

  • [SFM] SpyCrab (2 hours ago)

    But wait again, he lost his Chrystal or stone (my brilliant Eng) of time.Now he can't do thatEverything is fair and *BALANCED*

  • Zhengyang Bok (7 hours ago)

    Thanos: I snapped the wrong half.

  • Gacha Mike/ExoKidPlaz (18 minutes ago)

    your icon face says it all

  • Nishant Bhatnagar (33 minutes ago)


  • curryplier (4 hours ago)

    007: 24 movies in 57 yearsMCU: 21 movies in 11 years

  • Nabeel Malik (59 minutes ago)

    23 including everything that is realeasing this year.

  • anuj dahiya (2 hours ago)


  • Frank Tejada (4 hours ago)

    How many people have seen this trailer over ten times now?

  • Lunargaze (2 minutes ago)

    First time seeing it then rewatched 2 times

  • Bramble Star (25 minutes ago)

    those are rookie numbers

  • iron mc (5 hours ago)

    Some people stop watching this trailer after few days.But not usnot us

  • Jimbo Bimbo (2 hours ago)

    We keep watching it!Whatever it takes!