This Is What Happens when Master in Tik Tok #3

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  • Published on:  12/1/2018
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  • Megan99 6 months ago

    *English has left the chat*

  • Fateh Bentouati an hour ago

    @Riham ROR 44 هه ميغسي

  • Meqw_Official 3 months ago

    7:36 *Edit has joined the chat*

  • chessevo 5 days ago

    oh so it wasn't magnets

  • Purnima Bista 4 months ago

    0:47 Me:*tried it and wakes up* wow where am I ? My leg hurtsMom:honey we are at hospital XD lol😂😂😂😂

  • Anh Nguyen Ngoc Anh 1 months ago

    Đúng là những cao thủ

  • Seth Smith 3 months ago

    7:38 is fake

  • LeaxX x an hour ago

    The first one looks like that he came from pubg to me 😂

  • Simply Rem 6 months ago

    "When Asian's do Tik Tok"

  • Toast :3 3 months ago

    @TheGhostlyVortex/TGVortex Official I agree I'm kinda part Asian so ummmmmmmmm ye I agree

  • Anime Otaku 3 months ago

    4:30 *_I swear she looks like Nicki rolling her eyes at Cardi_*

  • lσνєlу 3 months ago

    *TikTok No Jutsu!*

  • Kylo Gaming 3 months ago

    2:02 what hand seal is that? Must be the forbidden jutsu

  • CRIT1KAL :D 2 months ago

    true beauty...

  • It's the loud gun pubg sound justu

  • Trishi ayesha 3 months ago

    00:47 it has kill me 😱😱😱😱 but it's 🌟🌟.."SUPER TALENT"..🌟🌟

  • Sandro 1 months ago

    LOL its easy (for me)

  • YzvGamer Studios 3 months ago

    *_cat touches head_*Itachi:THAT'S MY BOY