Whoopi Goldberg Surprises 'The View' After Pneumonia Battle For Brief Return

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  • Published on:  3/14/2019
  • “The only way it’s going to get better is if I begin, so this is my beginning," she told the co-hosts after surprising them while on-air Thursday.


  • Simply Sims (4 days ago)

    Anyone else wipe away a few tears? So glad Whoopi is doing better!

  • PUPPETS & TRAITORS (12 hours ago)

    Simply Sims KKKrumpskin gonna hate!

  • Britney Sharp (2 days ago)

    Wow... she went as far as sepsis? Jesus! Thank God she’s okay!

  • Scott Rogers (2 days ago)

    Whoopi I’m so glad you’re doing well!!! You’re tough and I’m smiling!!! Love you and the view! 😘

  • Arafat Sajja (2 days ago)

    I love Whoopi, She is a very generous and a LEGEND

  • Aishwarya Net (21 hours ago)

    Welcome Back, Whoopi. So glad you survived sepsis and double pneumonia ❤

  • Fi fi (4 days ago)

    Megan is such a 'me me everything person'Everything has to revolve around her.... Sad and very annoying for viewers like me.

  • Bryan Solano (1 day ago)

    +Edruezzi your just hating on her for nothing 😎😎😎😎😎#meghan

  • Edruezzi (1 day ago)

    +Bryan Solano What facts. She has firmly embraced beliefs and not facts. A creed is not a fact.

  • Ro Ashley (3 days ago)

    My grandmother died of pneumonia, so glad Whoopi is back!!!

  • Dr Dermix Girl (3 days ago)

    Wow, they looked genuinely surprised. I don’t know how Whoopi pulled that off. So glad she’s back. She looks great!!

  • Frank Johnson (3 days ago)

    Pneumonia is serious get plenty of rest recover fully before going back to work I know from personal experience

  • Autobot Diva (1 day ago)

    Yes mam. Its no joke. Ive even had walking pneumonia

  • sandra graves (2 days ago)

    Yes Meghan make sure EVERYONE knows you went to the hospital. Whoopie thank God you're ok.

  • Louis Caruso (16 hours ago)

    sandra graves - I was thinking the same thing...lol.

  • Cassy Williams (20 hours ago)

    Always about her. SMH