HANNAH STOCKING: Comedy Genius (ft. Lele Pons)

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  • Published on:  6/15/2018
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  • omg wig
    omg wig a years ago+6216

    he lowkey looks like a grown up version of dash from the incredibles

  • Josie Carpenter-Lewis
    Josie Carpenter-Lewis 5 months ago+2189

    Who else has been bingewatching Ryan's videos?🙋‍♀️

  • Bettina :3
    Bettina :3 6 months ago+1284

    Her: „you‘re bleeding“
    Him: „yeah you‘re right I’m bleeding“
    Ryan: „he‘s not bleeding“
    I can’t sorry that was too good

  • Sumaiya Samina
    Sumaiya Samina 6 months ago+788

    Hannah Stocking and Lele Pons may be the death of comedy. But you, Ryan Trahan, are the revival of comedy.

    RAQUEL MOYA 3 months ago+250

    3:34 are we not going to talk about how those lights in the background were perfect?

  • delanie
    delanie 6 months ago+322

    i’m kinda disappointed that jeff stooped this low to be in a hannah vid lmao now he’s with the vlog squad

  • Alcdawg
    Alcdawg 5 months ago+300

    Is nobody gonna acknowledge how discount Cody Ko was moaning when he hit the ball

  • Yellow Ocelot
    Yellow Ocelot 6 months ago+189

    That is so offensive to rocks

  • Xikachuii
    Xikachuii 5 months ago+109

    2:50 Him falling off his chair is comedy

  • Bella xo
    Bella xo 7 months ago+2965

    When Lele Pons speaks all I hear is “Sorry I’m Latina”

  • caramel the hufflepuff
    caramel the hufflepuff 7 months ago+154

    someone:hey you want a free rabbit?
    Lele pons: SORRY IM LATINA

  • Julie Vencio
    Julie Vencio 6 months ago+118

    Inanna is the only one that has common sense comparing to lele and Hannah

  • wolfiehampton
    wolfiehampton 6 months ago+104

    Hannah must be one of those people who are incredibly smart in a certain field, but have like zero ounces of common sense. The only problem with that is that she didn’t keep doing the thing she was good at and now she’s completely out of intelligence.

  • Ella Drutarosky
    Ella Drutarosky 6 months ago+96

    I thought he said "I feel gay" 🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • Evelyn Pichardo
    Evelyn Pichardo 5 months ago+26

    6:36 what the frick dude step the frick up 😂

  • -Eclixpse
    -Eclixpse 4 months ago+34

    Hannah can change the size of her pupils... So yeah that eye thing was probably real

  • mel k
    mel k 3 months ago+87

    i’m convinced that lele and her friends buy followers...there’s literally no way that many people are her fans... so many people hate her😂

  • X and Y
    X and Y 2 months ago+15

    Me: 12:52

  • sophie mirabelle
    sophie mirabelle 7 months ago+2229

    comedian? not lele
    comedian? not hannah
    comedian? ryan
    hotel? trivago

  • Tigga 446
    Tigga 446 5 months ago+19

    I love ur lights in the background! 👍