Oscar Class 12A (Drunken Music + Save Me Parody) - LEG

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  • Published on:  12/16/2017
  • Lyric:
    Nam, you tell me the situation today that someone is late, write up here
    Me, early in the morning I have phoned Nam, to go late because of the family work
    Vanh, this is the Nth time you ask me to be late
    what kind of study, step up here
    Tomorrow, call the parent up on this
    Meet me to talk
    Can not go on like that

    You mother died
    Stupid sin
    Stayed up late and masturbated, then couldn't wake up
    What do you do for the country tomorrow?
    Hey son of a bitch, I'll fuck you later!

    Invite parents up
    Meet me 9am tomorrow morning
    I'm sorry, sorry
    Excuse me this time
    Invite the parents
    The rest of us to ask him

    Ai, in this class just beat my brother
    Make it burst head
    Step out here

    I, do not hit it but my friend, my friend is sitting there
    Why do you want to hit me? You're good at it
    1 I accept all
    Stiff, they fight it out loud
    Run quickly tell her
    I've fallen before you

    They stopped
    Please stop now
    Knowing this is not the case, why not fight this?
    Viet Anh invited to speak first
    My lady friend hit me

    You're lying
    Suddenly hit me,
    I'm sorry, ma'am
    It says very often
    Invite 2 you go
    Follow me to the supervisor

    As always, I came down here to drink tea
    Water is not boiling, but only, drink because you are thirsty
    Drink no pouring, 1 cup
    Drink it quickly
    The school is like home, but the house is empty, afraid what?

    Nguyen Viet Anh, he stands up
    I tell you, why are you?
    Hit your friend, lie teacher, teachers have compromised
    Do not go to class tomorrow, because we do not accept
    The thing that is aggressive, is to hit you again

    I have not hit you that you called
    He asked me, what class did he do, I do not do anything, he needs to verify
    Verify what, you look at his face
    All the mouth to the other
    You think I'm blind
    Or think I'm old
    Determined to face

    Sorry, my mistake
    I hit him, I beg you
    Do not take me away from school, my friends will miss me so much
    Do not cry anymore, look at you cry that I love
    This time I will excuse
    Hold your child
    From now on, I promise I will be good, study hard