The Ironic Memes of Tik Tok

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  • Published on:  12/19/2018
  • today we investigate some ironic memes on tik tok!!!!!!!!!MY IRL CHANNEL ► PROJECT ► (my merch) ► ► ► ryantrahanbiz@gmail.comFAQ:1. What equipment do you use?My camera - lens - mic - lens - drone - mic (commentary) - computer - tripod - COMMENT: thanos is quaking


  • Karen Guerra
    Karen Guerra 7 months ago+1315

    he will dance till the end of time. the kids are mine.

  • ll MilkAndCookies ll
    ll MilkAndCookies ll 6 months ago+1579

    Notices Ryan has AirPods
    BroThER. WhY HAvE yoU bETraYEd Us?

  • I don’t like my Opinions either

    Roses are red
    Eyes have lids
    Karen left
    And she took
    The kids

  • #1 Greg.
    #1 Greg. 5 months ago+550

    hit or miss,
    I guess they never miss, huh?
    You got a boyfriend, i bet he doesn't kiss-
    iS tHaT tHe GuY fRoM dEsPiCaBLe mE?!

  • mads
    mads 7 months ago+913

    nice casual airpod flex ryan

  • Skinny Legend
    Skinny Legend 5 months ago+391

    He has joined the AirPod army
    He is no longer bae,
    He is just fam

  • Ella Newman
    Ella Newman 7 months ago+333

    we need a video of ryan playing roblox for the first time. now.

  • g e n n y g
    g e n n y g 5 months ago+207

    Your making me feel BrOKe with your airpods.

  • Chara Dremurr
    Chara Dremurr 5 months ago+92

    fake freezes
    stops pretending to freeze as the video actually freezes

  • Megan Chan
    Megan Chan 8 months ago+2592

    ur actually a legend.

  • Brennan Huff
    Brennan Huff 6 months ago+98


  • Busting Why
    Busting Why 5 months ago+151

    6:36 Pretty Sure The Nurses Are Laughing At Him for Dying
    Edit: Whoah 22 Likes
    Edit 2: Why 90 Likes
    Edit 3: Almost 100 Likes!!!
    Edit 4: Wow, 100 Likes, You All Are Legends!!!!

  • Fugget Nugget
    Fugget Nugget 5 months ago+73

    7:56 I actually clicked to see if something was wrong with my phone

  • Nyla Siri
    Nyla Siri 6 months ago+61

    The scariest part of the video is........when i got a tik tok ad

  • Carmen Garcia
    Carmen Garcia 7 months ago+102

    Um so uh
    Date me

  • blorped bubble
    blorped bubble 7 months ago+65 was a western thing and tik tok is an asian thing but then tik tok bought

  • Reagan Pearce
    Reagan Pearce 5 months ago+44

    I actually realized I needed to subscribe because of the dancing

  • Ina Jane Quandt
    Ina Jane Quandt 5 months ago+15

    Ryan: did you know I was in Korea

  • Luke Gibson
    Luke Gibson 7 months ago+15

    gets video to 10 minutes but only puts one ad and it’s at the very end

  • Roxan Lily
    Roxan Lily 5 months ago+25

    Flexing on us broke people with those AirPods🌧