Chàng ÔM KHƯ KHƯ BALO đi hẹn hò bị Cát Tường trêu QUÁ GIỮ CỦA vẫn làm nữ sinh duyên dáng rung rinh

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  • Published on:  11/15/2015
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    🎬 Content:
    01:28 – First couple Tu Son – Men,
    08:58 – Meeting round.
    10:19 – Deciding moment.

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    “Wanna Date?” is a popular TV series that successfully matchmade for thousands of couples. Young people wishing to look for "their heart’s other half" will send a registration letter to the show. Based on the characteristics, personalities and requirements of the participants’ "dreamed person", the organizers will find one who is the most suitable to "matchmake".
    In the show, the man and the woman will be chatting to understand each other and go on a date. The most interesting part is that participants will be separated from each other by a curtain. They won't be able to see each other until they've finished talking. At that time, they will have two minutes to meet each other and decide if they go on a date or not.

    - There are 2 episodes every week with 4 different couples.
    + HTV7: 15:20 Sunday & 22:45 Monday.

    - There are also 2 rebroadcasting time:
    + HTV7: rebroadcast at 8:00 Tuesday morning.
    + HTV9: rebroadcast at 8:40 Thursday morning.

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    💠Apply through ☎ HOTLINE: 0916.861.099 (Business hours)
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