Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

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  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.

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  • Colton C.
    Colton C. 11 minutes ago

    people love anything with a woman in 2018. The lead of this movie shows no emotion, no facial expressions, no energy. The trailer is a hodge podge of nothingness. This is boring and generic. Brie Larson is 100% not believable as a superhero or fighter pilot, much less the most powerful being in the universe.

  • Jonathan G
    Jonathan G 11 minutes ago+1

    1:33 COULSON

  • Jackson Vogel
    Jackson Vogel 11 minutes ago

    Oof the grandma

    BLACKS GM 11 minutes ago


  • Jefff Sefff
    Jefff Sefff 11 minutes ago

    For every like I add a star 🌟

  • WinterSplinterM.II
    WinterSplinterM.II 11 minutes ago

    YAAY! More Coulson!

  • İclâl İlik
    İclâl İlik 11 minutes ago

    Güzeldi ama daha iyisini beklerdim...

  • Shadowofdakness Infurnus
    Shadowofdakness Infurnus 11 minutes ago

    1:39 Batman? But I thought you quit dc

  • Matthew XxX
    Matthew XxX 11 minutes ago


  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 11 minutes ago

    I love how the comment section is filled with insecure males.

  • Mr. Pro
    Mr. Pro 11 minutes ago

    The music is awesome

  • Vidomi Movies
    Vidomi Movies 11 minutes ago

    20k butthurt DC fans xD

  • Kamila
    Kamila 11 minutes ago

    New version of matrix?

  • I7 Tricky
    I7 Tricky 11 minutes ago

    maybe the old lady is a skrull

  • Spencer Allen
    Spencer Allen 11 minutes ago

    Coming soon to Blockbusters near you

  • Mocker Nick
    Mocker Nick 11 minutes ago

    Brie Larson or whatever looks and talks like a robot, and the effects look passable. To be honest though I'm really excited for the skrulls in this movie. Their ability of shape-shifting was perfectly shown off in her punching an old lady, and I can't wait to see more of it. Good on ya marvel movies for taking one of the most awful superheroes you've made in the last decade or so and maybe making her a good movie.

  • TheZaius
    TheZaius 11 minutes ago

    Does Mar-Vell show up?

  • D Fens
    D Fens 11 minutes ago

    How come Augustus Gibbons is in this?

  • skalinter
    skalinter 11 minutes ago

    I just want Thanos Car

  • Darío
    Darío 11 minutes ago

    Me corro!!