Mean Tweets – Music Edition #5

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  • Published on:  10/9/2018
  • Music fans can be very passionate. Some love to express their enthusiasm and lack of it and from time to time we like to shine a spotlight on the unpleasant things people post on social media and tonight, we’ve done it again in an all music edition of #MeanTweets featuring: Gwen Stefani, The Chainsmokers, Tyga, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Jason Mraz, Luke Bryan, Jason Derulo, Dua Lipa, The Strokes, Pink, Elvis Costello, ScHoolboyQ, G-Eazy, Luke Combs, Korn, Nickelback and more.Mean Tweets – Music Edition 5


  • Tosh T 8 months ago

    Nickelback following Korn's tweet was excellent editing. 👍

  • Watermelon 10 hours ago

    Tosh T korn rocks

  • Daniel Aldana 2 months ago

    Not a Nickleback fan by any means, but you gotta give those guys props for poking fun at themselves. Unlike Radiohead.

  • Jee 8 months ago

    Mean Tweets - Kardashian Edition. Make it happen!!

  • PINKANGEL 36 23 days ago

    @Calleigh Winchester And if we cud upload a GIF too!!!😨😂😂😂

  • PINKANGEL 36 23 days ago

    OMG!!! I wud LUV to see that!!!😂😂😂

  • Balin 8 months ago

    The Pink one cracked me up 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • depressedkidxx 23 days ago

    tHanK yOu *ignores the hate comment*

  • Pharoah M 25 days ago


  • David DiMuzio 8 months ago

    The "Mean Tweets" series proves that the best part of watching Jimmy Kimmel not watching Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Aditya Mohapatra 9 days ago


  • Talklist Roblox 10 days ago

    Thats kinda rude I like this and I watch him

  • ThatOneWeirdGal 22 days ago

    Can we just talk about how Nickleback was insulted in 2 different tweets LMAO!!

  • Jeanette Gilbert 11 days ago

    ThatOneWeirdGal Nickleback could have their own hour long episode.

  • Nickleback gets so much hate lol

  • Trenton Napier an hour ago

    Depression Talks With Immanuel For no reason too

  • They only have one good song btw. It is called "How You Remind Me"

  • Aguila Mendoa 8 months ago

    1:23 Love Pinks response! So chill and dgaf!!!

  • debs99772 12 days ago

    She's amazing!

  • Lina J 1 months ago

    @Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry Shut up idiot

  • Lew Jun An 8 months ago

    P!nk reaction was bomb.

  • Shok731 8 months ago

    Dua Lipa low key looked like she wanted to give a sloppy BJ 😂

  • Rob S. 13 days ago

    that look she gave was 🔥 🔥 🔥 💃 👙

  • Subhash Kapur 2 months ago

    Thank God someone noticed. She was looking so hot

  • mattronimus 8 months ago

    How does Gwen Stefani look like a younger hotter Gwen Stefani?

  • debs99772 12 days ago

    She's actually not hotter, doesn't even look like Gwen Stefani anymore.

  • Origami and Cats 1 months ago

    50 is not really that old so botox, filler and possibly threadlift will suffice for now.