Shaq Tries to Not Make a Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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  • Published on:  3/14/2019
  • Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant players in NBA history, an analyst on TNT's Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA, and a globally recognized DJ sensation bringing Shaq's Fun House is to Miami Music Fest on March 29th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Big Aristotle has his date with the wings of death—one he claims he only accepted because he thought Justin Timberlake was hosting. Along the way, Shaq discusses his history with Kobe Bryant, breaks down his record-breaking Walmart purchase, and joins Sean Evans in a high-stakes free-throw shooting contest.


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  • First We Feast (4 days ago)

    SHAQ! FINALLY! Enjoy the show and get your official HOT ONES merch here, spice lords:

  • Arturo Navarro (3 hours ago)

    First We Feast got joe Rogan on this

  • Goodfellajaxx (3 hours ago)

    First We Feast I told you guys well over a year ago!!! To get Shaq on here this Episode was hilarious. now you got to get another one of LA greats, Snoop Dogg!!!! #snoopdogg

  • Saarang Anand (4 days ago)

    Damn, Hot Ones bringing out the big ones now.

  • gochanny (8 minutes ago)

    can someone tell me what your profile picture is? i see it all over youtube comments

  • Jordan Benjamin-Perez (2 hours ago)

    Know what else is big 😜

  • Ded Pewl (17 hours ago)

    Shaquille " Tha *Black* Steph Curry " O'Neill- 2019

  • PB Hend (55 minutes ago)

    +Jose M. Gallegos YT rims*

  • King Tomo720 (8 hours ago)

    Ded Pewl he said This b4 like 2 years ago catch up lol

  • David Edwards (15 hours ago)

    “Im not gonna make a face” (eats wing)(His face disappears and he looks like a thumb)

  • Jean Joseph (1 hour ago)


  • Gaming With Will (16 hours ago)

    1:35 when the special ed kid stares at you

  • Abhi Raj (26 minutes ago)


  • Lowlife (35 minutes ago)


  • Quantum iU (15 hours ago)

    11:17 you can thank me later.

  • Thrilling Productions (22 minutes ago)

    Quantum iU lol

  • Abhi Raj (29 minutes ago)


  • BillDotree (3 days ago)

    *shaq makes a face* "I almost made a face/I told you I'm not gonna make a face"

  • Muhdnurafifi Kriscylla (13 hours ago)

    +Spiritisalive1 then came the coughing and the swearing🤣

  • Jared Williams (18 hours ago)

    I found you comment! Right....

  • Shino (15 hours ago)

    The wings look absolutely tiny in his hands.

  • brendan colliander (14 hours ago)

    Shaq was THE original genie lol if you saw kazaam

  • Crushenator500 (15 hours ago)

    "Oh... I apologize Kansas!"